First new gaming system in years, any advice?

Its been a while since i built a new system and I have been reading around on the site alot to read any details I can on what are the ideal specs for the best running gaming system. my budget is going to be around 1k-$1500. I know for the price I won't get the very best system, just looking for some ideas on ideally matched-up components to get. I am not sure about overclocking yet, thought I may do it eventually. I know the processor im going with is the Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge, I was looking at the ASUS P8Z68 -Pro mobo, but I have seen alot of bad reviews on it, so idk...any ideas? I would like to use SLI or crossfire at some point and have heard some mobos only offer that with slower speeds? or the slots are in bad places to be able to use 2 video cards? Also, looking for about 8GB of RAM that would be best for the CPU/mobo setup used, a good SSD about 60-80GB, 2 video cards i can probably find on my own, but any feedback would still be much appreciated. I think thats about all the hugely important stuff I was looking for and torn about what would be best. Thanks much for any help, I know I have been out of the loop for a while and just looking for any advice possible, thanks again. I see so many details on this site that I just get overwhelmed lol. Just looking to see if I can get something really finely tuned and beastly :D Thanks again!!
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  1. 1000-1500 is more than enough to build a great system, btw what are your uses of this PC? what resolution is your monitor? does the budget include OS and monitor etc?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, I play bad company 2, going to get battlefield 3 when it comes out, world of warcraft (not that the video on there matters lol) starcraft 2. but basically just a few games, and thats the extent. i already have a monitor, and i have the OS already. i may do eyefinity down the road but not right now. 21inch monitor runnin 1680 x 1050
  3. save yourself some money and go for a i5-2500K, it has the same gaming performance as the i7-2600k. Overclocks like a beast too.

    Radeon HD 6950's in crossfire would be good for you.
  4. ^ i concur, some nice 6950s unlocked to 6970s would make a very nice rig, even a single card would be great! flash 6950 to 6970:
  5. The 2500k offers virtually identical performance in games, but, is priced a little over $100 less.

    As for GPUs, many opt for at least a 560Ti or 6950, each of which is upper midrange in performance, and are formidable when paired with a twin in SLI or Crossfire.
  6. Thank you very much for the advice on CPU and GPU i will probably get the 2500k now, and look into that 6950. Any advice on a mobo or what good ram is now? Thanks again
  7. mobo- asrock p67 extreme4 160$
    ram- gskill 8gb 1600mhz ram 90$
  8. thanks much :) ill check em out. for those prices i can prolly just do crossfire now :D haha ive always been an asus fan, but idk if ima huge fan of the new z68s or not. seeing alo of bad reviews on em
  9. I'll second MJ's recommendation of the ASRock P67 Extreme4, with one caveat: how many devices do you intend to hook up, and do you play games online? If you go with ASRock's P67 Extreme6 you get 10 SATA ports: 6 SATA3 + 4 SATA2 and a dual LAN for increased bandwidth for online gaming. The Extreme6 is listed @ $190.

    I'd recommend that you spend a little more on a SSD and get at least a 128 GB model. Good 120-128 GB SSDs go for around $200 if you shop the specials.

    Most mobos do PCIE X16 for one card or X8 X8 for two in SLI/Xfire. This is not a problem unless you are going to three monitors where you need the extra PCIE lanes for bandwidth for 3D and/or surround. If you are going to go X16 X16 you need to go to at least the ASUS Revolution or a high end Gigabyte which are going to run $260 +
  10. Thanks for the info, i will look at that extreme board, and no im only doin 1 monitor. so the sli/xfire 8x8x will work fine with that? are the OCZ SSDs really good? thats what i was kind of looking into
  11. ya x8/x8 is good.also for 100$ the 40gb intel 320 ssd is a good option really only room for the os though
  12. dude you are gonna have such a sexy rig
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