My Western Digital external hard drive has a fried controller Any know where I c

Anyone know where I can find a controller for a WD hard drive. Serial Number is 2060-701537-003- Rev A. Western Digital was no help at all. Cost to retrieve data without controller is excessive.
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  1. u mean ur external case fried? or the hard drive itself fried?
    if its just ur external case then you can just swap it for another one...
    i didnt specify what type of hard drive it is
    just giving serial number doesnt really say anything...
    here are examples of external cases for hard drives...
    this is a 3.5'' one
    and this is for a 2.5'' one
    this are just examples... ive never used these products so these ones specifically i cannot recommend them
    u just swap the external case and it should work!

    if instead u dont want to buy another external case to see if it still works
    u can take the hard drive out of the external case and try plugging it directly to a computer and see if it works
    if it does then the case controller is fried not the hard drive itself
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