Mobo/GPU question!

Will a 1GB GT 430 & this work together with a VX450, e7200 and 2GB of DDR2 RAM?

Helping a mate upgrade, never really learned about backward PCIE bandwidth compatibility. Halp plx.

There is no second option, he's not buying anything, I have the parts lying around and wanted to ask before I drive 2hrs to pickup his PC tomorrow!
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  1. Update: He said he'd be willing to spend $120 on a new GPU if there's a better one out there. He really only plays WoW, so DX11 is preferred, but only if his MOBO's PCIE x4 slot will suffice.
  2. I'm thinking maybe getting a Q6600 will provide more of a performance increase if it's just for WoW, being a game that relies more on CPU as opposed to GPU — thoughts? He's using an AGP x8 7300GT atm.
  3. Eeep nvm he's going to wait a week or two and build an SB system.

    Thanks anyway. Close this please.
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