P5N-D 2nd PCIe Slot fried? need advise, pics inside

hi all

i was using 2x 9600gt sli
one day around 1 year ago my 2nd card stopped working
i thought i came from the stock power supply, which i have switched...

today i was cleaning my pc in bright sunlight and noticed something which didnt seem right at all.
look at the pic, the golden stuff..

my guess is that not only was the 9600gt destroyed but the 2nd PCI slot too.
but im not sure, thats why i ask here...

im goin to buy a new gfx card and was planing to use the 2nd PCI for physx and display.

also could it be that my board will die soon?
here is another pic were a chip close to memory is infected with this...

anyone know whats up?
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  1. Not quite sure what the problem is but that certainly does look unusual...
  2. yeah i thought so too..
    ive orderd a new card today..

    im not sure if i even should try to insert the old card in the slot

    new card supports 5 displays, i only need 4
    and currently i dont play any physx games
    so i can save the power for now

    still curious whats up with it.. maybe its a crying motherboard xD
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