BSOD: internal power error - vista 32, help needed

hi guys, how is everyone.
i didnt know exactly where to post this but i decided on here since this seems like a good place :)

basically, i have a compaq prescario CQ60 laptop,
dual core T300 2GHz processor
2GB of RAM
750GB hard drive (ive noticed that the windows explorer says my hardrvie is only 140 GB though i know this to be untrue)
and most importantly windows vista OS

recently alot of the time when i start up i get the BSOD with the message 'windows has shut down.......INTERNAL POWER ERROR.... 0x00000101 0x00000007 0x89B67710 0x00000000'

some of the time it boots up fine, some times it stays on the loading screen for hours on end and sometimes i just get this message.
i thought id go into the systems BIOS, though i found its not so much a bios but more of a repair screen, i ran a 'start up' test, a 'run in' test and a hard drive test. the first 2 checked the memory and hard drives and they all passed on both tests. ther hard drive test noticed a problem and told me to replace hard drive 1. this makes me suspicious of the hard drive :/ does it just need defragmentation or replacing??

any help is appreciated, thanks in advance guys
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  1. Faulty hard drives are the most common problem on laptops due to them being bumped while powered on. This could account for Vista getting stuck on the loading screen and the hard disk test, but not the internal power error message. You may have two problems with this laptop.
  2. The Internal power error message could have many causes ranging from the internal CMOS battery failing (check) to faulty drivers or BIOS settings.
  3. damn. to be honest the laptop is a bit busted up, at the moment im looking to get it fixed because the right hinge has broken on the screen and its only holding on due to the back lid and the other hinge, but i doubt that would effect software...would it?
    any other ideas, maybe i could provide more information (though im a newbie)
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