Media Storage/Main PC

Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP
Budget Range: $1000-$1500
Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, hdds
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Any reputable vendors.
Parts Preferences: anything to allow 8-10 3TB WD Green SATA drives and a SSD for OS & 3d apps
Overclocking: No

What i want to build is a new PC that will basically be for the following tasks

i want to be able to
1> store huge amount of media, 3d models, pictures and backup games
2> open up large 3d files fast (3d max, cinema 4)

since everything i do involves storage and having to use flash drives, memory cards and external HDDs, I'm constantly losing data, I'm into photography and each RAW picture is about 10MB and i do 3d modeling for a friend who likes to sketch cars and bikes concepts and another who designs houses and i 3d most of their work and those files are huge, i also own alot of dvds and bluray movies i would like to back up, i also back up my little brothers console games, i have about 8TBs of external HDDs and a two hand fulls of flashdrives and memory cards.
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  1. id look into a server case:

    looks like you can afford an i7-2600k, so thats the way to go for your needs. i would do some research on raid setups.
  2. anyone else ?
  3. this case might be more up your alley as well (its discussed in the latest tomshardware case review, holds 10 hdds):

    a great mobo like this has 8 sata ports:
    or if you need 10:

    again i would recommend an i7-2600k based system as its as good as it gets for a workstation type system at a pretty reasonable price.

    I would recommend a consumer nvidia card for rendering support. A gtx460 1gb or gtx560ti.
  4. thanks for your help.
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