Upgrading cpu.

i am looking to upgrade my cpu and was wondering what cpus would work with my computer and what people would reccomend.
im looking for a dual core processor as cheap as possible that will work with my NEC COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL GA-8I915Pm Motherboard i have 3.0GB Dual-Channel DDR @ 106MHz ramm and a nvidia geforce 7600gt 256mb graphics card aswell as a Seagate ST3500830AS harddrive and a Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200S optical drive and a Realtek High Definition Audio sond card im not sure if all that is relevant but put it there in case sorry im a noob ask questions for any more info at the moment i have a Intel Pentium 4 524 3.06 ghz proccesor.
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  1. http://uk.ts.fujitsu.com/rl/servicesupport/techsupport/Boards/Motherboards/Gigabyte/GA-8I915PM/Man_GA-8I915PM_uk.pdf

    would this be your motherboard?

    im not too good with intel, i dont know much about it. But you have a 775 chipset so it seems a intel core 2 quad may work.

    however there is a good chance i am wrong, so if i an wromg, plesae someone else, correct my mistakes, i dont want this person to buy some *** and end up RMA ing it because it doesnt work and then end up in a vicious cycle.

    however, IF, AND I REPEAT IF! IF IF IF! i am correct in saying that intel core 2 duos and quads will work, you can get an intel core 2 duo


    for 92 pounds or an intel core 2 quad


    for 20 pounds or so more!

    so i would reccomend the core 2 quad if it works on your machine.

    BTW why do you have a 3gb ddr 106mhz... did you mean 1066 or something, because 106 is kinda slow...

    7600gt is ok, wont be good for games however.

    the seagate looks good, dont really give a crap about the dvd drive though..

    but yes it seems good. Whats your psu btw? tell me your wattage, and also tell me your make which is the most important, and also if its 80+ bronze, its not as important to have a high psu wattage for cpu change but its still something that can make a big difference. I mean if its too low your pc will just crash and crap.
  2. http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic142303.html

    According to this forum elsewhere, the only CPUs that board supports would be a Pentium 4 or Celeron D.

    Based on this manual (http://uk.ts.fujitsu.com/rl/servicesupport/techsupport/Boards/Motherboards/Gigabyte/GA-8I915PM/Man_GA-8I915PM_uk.pdf), the chipset on your board is the Intel 915P. On Intel's website, it shows the CPUs which are compatable with that chipset, all of which are Pentium 4 or Celeron D.


    The best processor supported by that board would be a Pentium 4 670 or 672, both of which are 3.80 Ghz, 2 MB L2 cache, and support Hyperthreading. These processors also have an 800Mhz FSB, while your current processor has a 533Mhz FSB. According to the manual found online, the board does support both 533 and 800Mhz FSB speeds.

    Personally, that system, in terms of doing anything other than the most basic office tasks, is pretty well done, and a CPU upgrade probably won't do much to change it. In your situation, rather than buying a new CPU, I would recommend saving up for a new computer entirely, or buying components from a site like Newegg, and assembling it yourself. If you choose that option, there are many guides on this site to building a new PC, and if you have any issues with that, you may start a new thread with those questions.


    Just because a board has a particular CPU socket (or LGA), it does not mean that it supports all CPUs made for that socket. The chipset and availability of a BIOS update are much more important factors - and that's what confuses most people.
  3. thanks for all your help
  4. Quote:
    thanks for all your help

    If you are looking to upgrade you you can support the 670 he mentioned up there, I recommend checking on ebay, they go for around 30 to 50 dollars, which isnt that bad for a 0.74GHz increase in processing frequency.
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