Is this normal for a monitor?

I recently purchased an Asus Vh236h monitor and have been pretty satisfied by its performance. However, I noticed that It makes strange noises at certain times and the screen flickers after logging into Windows. I notice the noise while I am playing certain games like Black Ops and Minecraft, it makes a low buzzing noise. I don't think that it's coming from the speakers either. In Minecraft, it only makes the noise while I am in the menu, or in the game looking up or down. It also makes a humming noise when I move my mouse around. I don't think that this is normal, but, this is my first lcd monitor, so i'm not sure what to think. Please help.
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  1. Hey Ideaman, welcome to the forums.
    Let's do a little debugging. Can you plug headphones into the same port where the sound is plugged in? Then do the things that cause issues and listen for the sounds. The results will be pretty obvious as to where the issue is.

    Also, try plugging the monitor into something else, like an ipod. Does it make the music buzz?

    I think the screen flicker is normal. Might just be our monitors :p
  2. Alright, thanks for replying. I tried using headphones while playing those games and the noise still comes from the monitor. But, when I unplugged the audio cable from my monitor, the noise stopped. So i think it must be coming from the speakers.
  3. first plug the headphones in, then right click on the little speaker icon in the bottom right corner of your screen then press playback devices:

    next your headphones should be on the list (for me its just speakers), tick that and press apply:

    see if that works.
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