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Urgent suggestion needed for Mo-Bo

Hey Guys,

Have Intel i7 2600K X68 processor

What Mo-Bo would you prefer ? ( just need mo-bo ) i have everything else - coz my old rig Mo-Bo is broken and replacement takes 2 months -

i had i7 950, GB X58A UD3R, patriot 3 channel ram ( 3 X 2GB DDR3) : HIS 5770 1GB GPU - Seasonic 520 PSU

I will overclock
Dont game on it often ( will sometimes play battlefield 3 though - rearely )
Planning on getting ASUS

Im in Sydney - preferred location MSY - - -- Mind you ! Its a god aweful PDF document - please zoom before you read

Wondering ot pick one up this evening

Any help is greatly appretiated
Please let me know if you need more info
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  1. What is your budget?
  2. What is your RAM -> link?
  3. Awful place to shop looks like, buddy. Unless the prices are the best ....

    Anyway, any of these will do fine ->

    AsRock Z77-Extreme4-M

    Z77-Extreme 4

  4. Aweful place to buy parts yes!!! - but its best in Sydney ( good prices )
    200 $ is the budget - i may be can strech a little bit

    i have patriot RAM with my old rig - im still planning to use ( plz make it work )
    Patriot Viper 2 6GB (2GB X 3) DDR# 1600 ( Intel 1366PIN only )

    HIS 1GB 5770 PCI-E VGA Card
    Seasonic S12II-520W -PSU
    Case : Coolermaster HAF932


    Im keen on getting ASUS - im planning on good board - In future ### im planning for better GPU - Higher PSU - Medium Overclocking, etc etc - geeky stuff

    ASUS i want to try- - - - think u can work this out fellas ?
  5. ASRock is based on ASUS.
  6. AZUS Z77 V, Pro will do it just right.

    Or ASUS Z68 V, Pro.
  7. Make sure your RAM is @ 1.5V!!!
  8. Thnx Guys - will look into the suggestions - these are which available at MSY

    Asus P8Z77-V-LX /P8Z77-M-Pro/P8Z77-V/P8Z77-V-Pro....$138/$135/$198/$229

    What do u guys think of "Asus SABERTOOTH-Z77" am i over killing it -
  9. AZUS Z77 V, Pro
    Or ASUS Z68 V, Pro

    I have decided between the two - which one is latest and what is best if i do upgrades in future - ??
  10. SABERTOOTH-Z77, get it if u can afford it.

    The V would be enough unless u are a gamer and need to add some GPU's.
  11. no i dont game full time - more into xbox -- pc is mostly testing nd resourse hungry apps - i do like PC's ready to hit high end games - and also latest parts -- im more of like enthusiast - so after some thought and ur help, i want to get "SABERTOOTH-Z77" its only $30 more than P8Z77-V-Pro. Unless im missing any features, Think i can get all features as " P8Z77-V-Pro" as onboard Wi-Fi and stuff
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    Get it than. Both are great mobos loaded with features and designed to be very stable.
  13. Thnx man. U were very helpful -
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  15. Thanx : ) Good luck!
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