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MY computer powers off when i try to play games, do any stress tests, or anything other than easy use.
I just installed an new psu and graphics card:
Kingwin LZ100
Nvidia GeForce 560 Ti

HWMonitor shows my 3.3v is running at 1.17v and my -5v is running at -13.63.
I think the PSU is faulty but dont know for sure.
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  1. Well, it is possible that HW monitor readings could be in error. Have you tried to verify these readings in the BIOS?
    How about temperatures. Is everything operating within normal range? Specifically have you checked the video card temps?

    I would use the BIOS to analyze the PSU voltages and system temps. If those are accurate voltages being reported, (sometimes windows software is not that accurate reading temps and voltages from the signals coming from the motherboard) then I would begin the rma process with Kingwin immediately. Make sure you have registered your product.
  2. According to the reviews I've read, the Kingwin LZ1000 should have very good voltage regulation:
  3. I was trying to get you a screenshot of the temps and voltages but it shut off again. The temperatures are fine.
  4. Is there anyway to adjust the voltages outputted by it?
  5. The BIOS reports the 3.3v at 3.4v. Any other ideas?
  6. Very few PSU's have user adjustable outputs.

    HardwareMonitor has problems showing the correct voltages.

    What kind of PSU is your old one? How does it act in your system?

    In fact, how does your system act with both old parts?

    Install the old parts and test your system. If good and your old PSU is at least a 500 watt unit, install the new video card and test.

    You may be able to verify that one of your new parts is bad.

    Basic rule of upgrading: if possible, upgrade one component at a time.
  7. My old power supply is a 350W and the graphic card works(all be it very underclocked) but im RMAing the new one so thanks for the help anyway, i'll respond when i get the new PSU about how it works.
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