Need a cooling solution for my 5870

I need a replacement stock heatsink/fan for my Sapphire 5870. The heatsink/fan that came with it placed the fan in the center of the card. Do to my sound card being close to my graphics card, I need the fan to be at the end of the graphics card.

Where can I buy a stock replacement heatsink for my 5870?

Motherboard M4NA78T-E

P.S. the aftermarket coolers are too large and will not allow my sound card to fit.
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  1. You can try ebay, but I don't know anywhere that sells stock heatsinks.
  2. another option would be to just buy a different 5870 and sell the one you have, kind of a pain but it's a solution
  3. I did some research and I found out that my 5870 is a non reference design pcb. All of these cards have the fan in the middle. The reference design pcb 5870s have the fan at the end of the heatsink.

    Its impossible to fit a non referenece pcb with a reference heatsink.

    I opted to buy a new 6970, I will be putting my 5870 in my HTPC and selling the GTX260 thats currently in it now. The PSU in my HTPC is powerful enough for the 5870. This also gives my HTPC HDMI so thats good. I hope I can get at least $100 on ebay for my old gtx260.

    Thanks for the responses!
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