9500gt display problem, HELP

Hi all,

could realy do with sum help, im stuck.........

I bought a new 9500gt ddr2 1024mb pcie card, put in pc, connected it to monitor, turned on pc, bios screen comes up, windows xp loading screen comes up, then when it gets into windows, i hear windows starting but a black display aprt from about 1/4 of an inch at top of monitor which is displaying my desktop, well part of it!!!

any help??

i have a hp compaq pc, 2gb ram, 945GCT-HM mobo.

I know the pcie slot is ok because i used to have a 8500gs card in it and yes i have removed all drivers and even the onboard intel ones.

Really confusing me know.

Please help peeps.

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  1. Not that it helps but I have the same issue so you're not alone. My mobo is a 2gbram foxconn.
  2. Did you install the new drivers?
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