First Boot up P8Z68-V /I5 3570K/RAM

Hello Gents

last evening I put together my new PC

Motherboard – ASUS P8Z68-V Socket 1155
CPU – Intel I5 3570K
RAM – Kingston 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600MHZ Hyper X
HDD – Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB (7200rpm) SATA 6GB/s
PSU – Powerplus 850W
GPU – Asus Nvidia GTX560 (Old GTX260 in there at the moment – to test GPU was ok)

The problem is this

On power up, the DRAM LED is on and continues to stay on after the MEMOK! checks have completed. No other warning LED are on. Also there appears to be no signal to the Monitor either from the Intergrated Graphics or through the GPU. I tested the GPU with my other PC and it works fine.

I am told that a BIOS update might be the reason as it is a 3dr generation CPU and the current BIOS may not be new enough. But how could I do this if I have no display.

My last attempt before I send it into the Prof's at extra expense to resolve the problem.

Any advice from you all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks is advance

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  1. It's because z68 needs bios update to use 3rd gen ib processors
    To flash you need 2nd gen processor put it in your z68 mobo flash with latest bios then put new ib inside and it's done
    take backup of bios before upgrade
  2. Once you put 2nd gen sb you'll get display you can easily found sb by help of your friend or any known users that uses sb processor
    For bios visit your mobo manufacture site and search your mobo under download tab you'll get mobo bios :)
  3. Incase your luck doesn't suceed to found out sb make your way to local store they'll help you out with few $
  4. The Z77 motherboard came out for Ivy Bridge processors, you bought a Z68.
  5. Thanks Guys. I appreciate the help. I will try and get my hands on a 2nd Generation CPU.
  6. Hi traut ...i want to know that using a 2nd gen cpu worked for you or not ?

    im having exactly the same issue with exactly same processor and board

    thank you :)
  7. I have a P8Z68-V /I5 3570K as well.
    New build.

    When I turn the power on I get a steady RED LED next to the CPU. (The CPU LED).
    I get NO beeps.
    After 4-5 seconds, the system shuts off, then waits about 4 seconds, and repeats.

    If I remove the DDRM3 (Apacer DDR3 1600 4G PC2-8500), I get no CPU LED light lighting up, but I get some BEEPS.
    I get 1 Long, and 3 Short. From the ASUS Website, they say that is a Memory problem.

    If I have the Memory In, and load up Pressing the MemOK! button, I get a Blinking light next to the DRAM_LED and the steady CPU_LED lighting up. DRAM_LED blinks differently each time the power comes back on. 1 long, then shut off. 2 short, then shut off. 1 long, then 1 short, then shut off. Then back to 1 Long, then shut off.
    No beeps.

    I also tried this with Kingston KVR 2G-SP, which is also on the compatibility list for ASUS 68 V.

    Please help.
    I don't want to have to go out and buy a Gen 2 CPU, just to get boot up. What do I do with the G2 CPU after that?
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