SABERTOOTH Z77 heat dissipation

Im building a new pc and first id though i go with ASUS P8Z77-V but as i have some more money to spend ill think ill go with the ASUS Sabertooth instead. Because of its Armored top with fans and seemingly good ventilation + its awesome looks.

But before i make my decision i wanted to know how well dos the heat dissipation work on this board. But so far i haven't found any tests online.
So was hoping some of you had some experience with this mobo to share.

Together with this mobo ill go with the i7-3770K and ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II
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  1. no one got experience with this card?
  2. You might not be getting any responses because heat dissipation on motherboards is not really a concern unless you are getting into extreme overclocking. What, specifically, are your concerns around dissipation? What are your concerns? I have a x58 Sabertooth and love it.

    With the setup you mention above and a good CPU cooler you should be fine.
  3. Im just curious to how good the ventilation works.
    Compared to another mobo with the same cabinet, cpu, and gpu, would there be a noticeable difference in the temps.
  4. The motherboard isnt going to contribute to or reduce heat inside the chassis, for the most part. A motherboard is a motherboard. The GPU, CPU and the case fans/layout/design are contributing factors.

    If you re looking to better manage heat inside your computer that motherboard is not where you need to look. Focus on CPU, GPU and improving the airflow in the case.
  5. the 2 main sources of heat are from the GPU/CPU. on top of that, the case choice has a heavy influence on airflow and # of fans able to be used. other minor heat generators are the ram and psu, but those are usually disregarded because they handle themselves just fine.
  6. I was thinking about the memory and the the north and south bridge.
    Ofc i know the CPU/GPU produce the most heat:) If you dont know that, you shouldnt be building a pc xD
    Thx for the answears :)
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