4pinx2 on psu vs. 8pin on motherboard

I have a Coolermaster Silent Pro 700 PSU and AsRock z68 extreme 4 board.
PSU has a 'CPU 4 4 pin' connector, which consists of two

rnd sqr
sqr rnd


rnd rnd
rnd rnd

Their wires are the same black and yellow, as I understand double 12v and double ground. The same time, 8pin atx power connector on motherboard looks a bit different

rnd sqr sqr rnd
sqr rnd rnd sqr

Can I use mentioned 4 4 from PSU to connect it to motherboards 8pin?
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  1. Should be able to, yes.
  2. Just don't plug in a 6+2 pin video card plug into a motherboard 8 pin...

    The 4+4 pin ones are safe to plug in the mobo.
  3. Silvune,jasonw223 thanks, I'll try to use 4+4.
  4. The reason its split into two 4pin blocks is for older Mobo's that only have a 4pin socket,
  5. Moto is correct, the 4+4 allows the PSU to work with boards that need an 8 pin as well as those that can only take a 4 pin connector. As to why the +4 connected has 4 rounded pins im not sure but they are all like that and you can use either half in a 4 pin motherboard as the wiring is identical for both sides.
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