3 beep BIOS but no memory issues?

I have bought a new intel DG43RK motherboard and 2 separate groups of RAM new, but am receiving a 3 beep BIOS, which to my knowledge a memory error on both sets

The first was 1 x 4GB Kingston HyperX 1333Mhz DDR3 Module (which I know could be caused due to the motherboard needing overclocking to fully use the memory)

after that didn't work, I picked up,

Two separate 4GB sticks of Team Elite 1066 Mhz DDR3 Memory.

In all cases I am getting a 3 beep bios and have run out of ideas beyond the standard (reseat, remove separate modules etc.) and would appreciate any help regarding this.

Many Thanks!!
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  1. try booting with one memory stick starting with slot 1 and move the memory stick down one slot for every failed boot
  2. I've tried that with each stick. No luck unfortunately. I'm debating whether its the Motherboard, but I've never had a problem with Intel boards, let alone one that is new and sealed in box, but the RAM is the same condition.
  3. Make sure you installed sticks correctly inside slots and locked them down
    After put another working stick inside your mobo if that also cause no boot rma your mobo if boot perfectly rma sticks
  4. I have done that. As I have mentioned, I have done all of the standard checks such as reseating, locking and placing them into new slots. In addition I have used 3 separate sticks, all new and sealed. This is why I am confused
  5. I had a look in more detail and it appears the "new" motherboard wasn't. I've spotted small signs of water damage that someone has tried to hide. Thanks anyway :P
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