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Hello everyone,

Its been a long time since i even paid attention to the state of inboard audio because i always felt inboard audio is never really better than any add on card but thats just me

anyway i have a situation right now where i can get a good deal on some DJ equipment and am thinking if i do get it i would just use my new laptop for the music. this is where i need some advise. the laptop (and i will post full specs down below) has a realtek HD audio sound chip in it. i tried looking over the net but i could not find any reviews on this sound chip in whether it is better than any low end creative or asus sound cards so i am wondering if anyone knows how this stacks up to say creatives old audigy, X-fi lines ans other cards like asus and HT omega

Thanks for any replies

MSI A6200
Intel core i3-330m 2.13Ghz
2Gb DDR3 memory
Intel HD graphics
realtek HD audio
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    How do you expect to fit any of those cards into your laptop? LoL

    Given that DJ'ing wouldnt involve 5.1 or 7.1 sound then I think you would be fine with the realtek and adjusting the external equilizer to your liking.
  2. i think you are right. i tried hooking up my pc speakers to my laptop and it sounded good. not as good as the HT omega striker card in my desktop but it will be fine for DJ stuff

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