For gaming Intel Quad 9505 or i7 920

I am looking to buy a used computer and these 2 are in my budget, under $700. My use is for general stuff, gaming, and some music a video. The quad core Has 8GB Ram,DDR2, Western Digital Caviar black 1TB HD, Nvidia nforce 750i SLI ATX mobo and 2-BFG Geforce 7900gt 512MB 256 bit GDDR3 PCI express 16 SLI support, 2-24X DVD writers, one with light scribe, plentiful cooling,500w antec PS and includes a 23 in monitor and wireless keyboard...this is the less expensive of the 2 units. The i7 920 is the Gateway FX 6800-01e package with no keyboard or monitor. Both have Windows 7 Ultimate installed. And FYI I am over 50y/o, retired with lots of time on my hands, but not a lot of dexterity.
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  1. The first one would do your job very well
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