P8P67 Delux Memory Q Code Error 2E

Okay, So about a week ago I decided to dust my motherboard and clean all the components. After i was don't and had all the components re installed into my MB and switched it on, I got a Q Code Error on my display led's that are on the motherboard that read 2E.

In the manual for my MB it says this error is

"2B - 2F" Memory initialization

So i read a few other articles on TH and i tried reseating my memory, clearing the bios with CMOS, complete power down and restart, and i have rearranged all the ram in each combination possible. I am currently on my computer now, it is running on ram that is installed in A1 and B1 and a stick of ram that it is not reading in A2. But as soon as i put in B2 (my fourth stick) i get this 2E error. Now i know all slots are alive, and all sticks are alive, but my question is, why is A2 not being read and why can't i boot with all 8 gbs of ram installed?

Any help you guys have to offer would be highly appreciated.

intel i5 - 2500k SB
Asus P8p67 Delux MB
(4) g.skill 2gb ddr3 dual channel 1600
win 7 64bit

also, all bios are up to date.
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  1. New Development:

    PC will boot with


    for a total of 6gbs of ram, but when i put my fourth (alive) stick of ram (2gbs) into B1 i get 55, which in the manual is "No memory installed"
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