Opinions sought on 3,000.00 to 4,000 build scsi

Hi I had a scsi double processor motherboard that died on me.
I am looking to build a new better pc.
Your opinion will be highly appreciated.

Basically this is what I have and what I need advice on.:

Need to buy:
Motherboard ( 2 processors capable)
would prefer lots of USB ports.
Video card ( two DVI output that support screen rotation, pci )
Power supply
Memory 8 gig minimum.
Processor (maybe xeon ?????)

I got:

2 Monitors 24"
2 Scsi hard drives
1 dvd drive
1 cd drive scsi
1 external 500 gig drive

Any specific help would be appreciated, please be clear and state model number when available.
I do not mind paying for the right system build. (so u don’t waste ur time)
I can be contacted at 718-812-6769, Brooklyn NY

What I need is basically a server for home use.
I will be running windows XP
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  1. I have no expertise with multile processor mobos. It is probably alien to most forum members. You would get better results for your inquiry if you give us more specs on your requirements. Do you want Intel or can you go to AMD?

    Why are you asking for a xeon server? Can a multicore processor do the job?

    What are your major purposes for this rig? Database server? Web server?

    The more info you provide the better help you will get.
  2. Hi and thanks 4 ur quick response on this matter.

    Basically what i am looking for is a motherBoard with scsi card U320 built in
    do not have preference on brand name as long as I can buy the processors that fit in.

    My last Mobo had an AGP card, I want PCI-X , it must support screen rotation since i use my 2 24" monitors in vertical mode.

    The main reason i need speed is for music editing I use a program call WaveLab and sound Forge, that allow me to edit my music. (
    Lots of USB ports since now a day everything is USB 2.0 or higher.

    I am not looking for the fastest thing in the market , just something fast, reliable, affordable that make sense.

    I am a home user that likes speed.
    I mention xeon because it was what I had running,
    when my friend did my rig 5 years ago.

    My hard drives are SCSI and run at 15,000 rpm , so
    I do not want to down grade to 7,200 rpm.
    I think I am better of with a build in Scsi card than on motherBoard than buing it separate.

    THanks ahead of time for comments and idea.
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