Can you replace a CPU with an older one (same socket type LGA775)

Hi Guys,

System Specs:

Motherboard - ASUS P5VD2-VM SE
CPU - Intel E2180 Dual Core 2.00 GHz
HDD - Western Digital WD Caviar SE 160Gb
RAM - Kingston KVR667D2N5 1G and Samsung DLL 667 1G (sorry if this makes no sense, I dont know where to find the model no. or something...)
GPU - Palit GEFORCE 8500GT Sonic PCI-E 256MB 128bit DDR3
PSU - Powerlogic ATX 500W
CD Drive - Lite-On ITCorp. Model: iHAS220-08 6 (sorry if this is wrong too...)

Sorry if this thread is in the wrong category. It's my first time posting anything on the web. But enough about, that this is my problem....

The other day when I got home from a trip, I went to turn on my PC but was greeted with nothing but a black screen.
Everything is getting power; Chassis fan, CPU fan, GPU fan. At first I thought it was the MoBo shorting in the case, so I removed everything and put it all on a non-conductive surface. Connected everything and double checked everything was securly fastend, powered up and it worked!!! I then proceeded to put everything back into the case and everything still worked fine, for a couple of hours at least.

Then I shut it down for the night, and when I woke up NOTHING but black screen again....
So I then did the same as last time and placed everything on a non-conductive surface, but still nothing....
Unfortunatly the motherboard I have dosen't come with a speaker on it. So rounding out the problem was very difficult. But to solve this I salvaged a speaker from an old motherboard I had. The speaker kept giving me the same beep code, One long, Two short I.E graphics card problem. So I reseated the graphics card around 15 time just to make sure. And sure enough no more beep codes, but I found this strange as there was no beep on boot......

I then searched around and found out that no beep meant a Logic Board problem (or something). So I replaced the CPU I have with an older Intel Pentium 4 SL729 3GHz (also sorry if this makes no sense). And sure enough the computer booted and the monitor was displaying!!

Here's my concern, with the older CPU installed the thing heats up like crazy and makes me think that it'll cook the motherboard (like it did the last one)? And that the other components of the computer wont be compatible with the older CPU?

Any replies on this would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. the sl729 (P4 630) is supported by your motherboard and should not cause any damage..
    Asus maintains a decent cpu support list should you find a new processor to replace that one with.
  2. Cheers, you wouldn't happen to have any idea why the Newer CPU bummed out??
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    It could be just 1 pin of the cpu not making good contact, have you tried it again now that its been removed. Sometime reinstalling hardware does wonders.
  4. Thanks a lot for the advice. :) I tried reseating the cpu, must've tried at least 15 times but on the 15th I noticed that it was a bit off. So I pushed it down a bit and wala.
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