PNY Technologies Deceptive Marketing Practices! Geforce GTX 570 Cards

They are a cheaper non-reference versions of the 570 and defrauding consumers out of hard earned money!

Would advise to stay far away from PNY.......

Here are the Photo links of the Fraudulent PNY GTX 570 Card I received from NewEgg


"NewEgg" PNY GTX 570

I returned the card for many reasons!
1. Has a GTX 560 ti cooler = Hot GPU temps!
2. Rear Vent is non functional = Dumps heat in Computer case! "Its like Turning your Computer Case into a Easy Bake Oven. Brownies Anyone? Let me check to see if there done. " Opening Drive Bay Door " .......Yep there ready.....Come and gettem while there HOT... " Haha
3. The simple fact that I don't like the idea of giving my business to companies that practice Fraudulent Marketing!!! ( Crooks! )

Anyone reading this post with a good head on his shoulder will see the deception from the poster try to discredit the propose of this post. These poster may have ties with Newegg, PNY Technologies ,entities with motives unforeseen, or simply have no common sense.

There are other post by me in-which I clearly expose the negative design aspect of a Non-Reference Design Nvidia card. In most all of the Non-Reference Designs they are simply a cheaper design & possible may add some pleasing Aesthetics, but by no means support all the various Industry Computer Case Design Standards. The main Concern in the Non-Reference Design is the great amount of heat generated from the GPU being exhausted into the Computer Case for the sake of more money in there pockets, and less in yours. The Nvidia Reference Design is a well thought out engineered design which will be in total compliance with all case manufactures. The main reason manufactures turn to a Non-Reference design is quite simple...Its Cheaper, yet they still demand Reference Design MSRP or Greater.

Peace Out...........
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  1. I get you're bashing PNY, but it's hard to tell exactly what for (other than lack of warrantees on out-of-production cards). Can you be clearer?

    You say they are fraudulent? But how? What do they promise that is not included in the sold product? Non-reference coolers are fairly common.
  2. I for one am completely behind PNY - sure, they don't offer warranties on out of production cards, but I haven't had a single issue whatsoever that called for warranty service. I've owned their cards since the first computer I built, and I could pull every single one of them out of my spare graphics bin and they would all run just the same as when I first bought them. Warranty doesn't matter when you're not going to need it.
  3. also, pny is a budget brand, and you get what you pay for. Its like buying a Kia....
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