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Hey guys, i have inherited an old computer andthought this would be a great opportunity to play around in the hardware side of things.

I am using this as a learning experience and an upgrade, so keeping costs low isimportant. The computer is a Gateway ATXAEG LX2 700s. Ive identified as much hardware as i could. I am looking to upgrade this slowly if possible, so if yoou could list upgrades in order of importance, that would be great. I am mostly looking for business activities with some light gaming.

motherboard - Gateway 4000782
Video Card - gateway 6002191 nvidia 128mb
Sound Card - creative labs sb0090
Soft Modem - gatewat 6002176
Hard Drive - Western Digital wd800bb
Power Supply - gateway 6500652
Fan - AVC c6025b12l

thanks in advance for any help
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  1. Since you are using this as a learning experience, I suggest you Google the information you have shown above and start LEARNING!
  2. you need to find out what motherboard and CPU it has. Honestly, looking at the other specs you already have, your going to be wasting your time. The only CPU upgrade your likely to be able to do will require finding something second hand from ebay. The graphics card is likely an AGP card which are very old and expensive to replace for the performance you will get, and you will end up with something that still cant play any games except pre-year 2000 games. If your just doing it as a learning excercise, just take it all apart and put it back together, dont waste any money on it.
  3. From the info given, looks like there's not much you can upgrade (with up-to-date components, at least). You can always upgrade your RAM, hard drive and graphics card in that order which would make your computer run a little faster/smoother. Just remember that you'll be shopping for specific components (184-pin RIMM/AGP graphics card/etc).
    Otherwise, you'll have to replace pretty much all the components you have, as the motherboard you have is not compatible with the new products out there today.
  4. Honestly, I would try to learn form someone else about computer hardware, and then build a machine. Don't spend money upgrading that old computer, just practice removing and replacing parts, and learning how its set up. Maybe find a few more old pc's and swap components.
  5. 1] Google up the machine and learn about its componant brandings and/or google up various componants and learn how it works.

    2] Read the articles on this site (article section) you will learn something new.

    3] Research and Ask, you never know to much, always ask as the infomation forthcoming here is invaluable.

    4] You have a excellent opportunity with a machine that is very old to learn how to put a build together. you can;

    a] download your motherboard schematics to learn how to put headers in correctly and where everything goes.

    b] download part descriptions and compatibilities (including mobo compatibilities with RAM and CPUS)

    Just have fun.
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