Cooling A Graphics Card (GTS 250) in an Antec P182

Hey guys, recently been trying to make the P182 a bit quieter as it's my daily and it's always on, right next to my study desk.. soo.

Anyways, with all the fans off (one top exhaust, one upper intake [under the drivebays], and on the Coolermaster Hyper 212+ is setup with the push/pull config.)

With all the fans, minus the push fan on the Hyper212, off; the GPU will idle at 60+, and with all fans on the lowest setting, will idle roughly at 55ish.

When gaming (BF:BC2), gets to about 80ish with all the fans on full blast.

I've seen some third party gpu coolers, but have no idea how they work and perform.

I wouldn't mind ghetto-modding a fan to blow directly onto the GPU, however, the wiring is already tight, so don't know how I'm gonna do that.

Any recommendations on anything, or something to help cool the GPU?
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  1. ct1615 said:
    the second fan on your 212+ is not doing anything but making more noise. you get the same performance with one fan as you would with two.

    my GTS250 had the same temps. why try to drop them a few degrees? its still well within operating spec.

    Really? the pulling seems to have dropped a few degrees on core...

    I've had some minor artifacting when playing in BC2.
    However, goes away after a bit..
    Only seems to do so at high temps..
  2. ct1615 said:
    With two 14cm fans in push/pull configuration, the Armageddon trounced the Hyper by 6.5 C—oddly, using two of the Hyper’s stock fans instead of one barely helped the Cooler Master heatsink at all.

    Oh, probably the colder weather + CM fan is on 50% that dropped some temps.

    Guess that pull fan will either fill the exhaust, or ghetto-mod the GPU.. anyone?
  3. Your temps are fine......

    If you want quieter, it's the fans............

    I had a P182. I now have a P183. Here's the secret sauce to DEAD silent:

    - 1st remove and throw away all the stock Antec fans that came with the case....

    - top fan :

    This fan is in your face, so, it's EXTREMELY audible, you can't move much air or your going to hear it big time.....

    - front & rear fans :
    NOTE: this is NOT the right fan they make an 1100 RPM model, that's the one you want.... these move more air than most any other fan at this RPM

    - Unplug that Hyper 212+ see how much it contributes to the noise....
    I use this cooler:
    NOTE: single fan ONLY... 1100 RPM setting

    - How loud is that power supply fan ?
    I use this power supply for silence :

    - How loud is that video card ?
    I use Sapphire Vapor-X cards ......

    Every fan contribute to the noise. The top fan is the most important. But, ANY fan in you system can be a big source. Just knock 'em off one-by-one....
  4. Well I mean, I had some damn loud fans before, on previous cases as well, so right now, it's a lot better, and will probably upgrade to the ones you listed later on.

    I'm using rosewill fans, which are completely controllable (and I now have an on/off for them, for instance, right now, I'm running an intake and a pull fan, pretty dang quiet!)
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