Silverstone ft02 usb 3.0

I am hoping that some one could help me refit the case usb 2.0 to usb 3.0
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  1. You will need to replace the USB2 ports if you wish to get USB3 speeds. Does your motherboard have USB3 ports? if so where are they? On the Rear, on a motherbd header, or both ?
  2. There are usb 3.0 drivebay panels available, but as Popatim says, more info on Mobo please
  3. I am getting an ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe mobo which has a usb 3.0 20 pin header and ports on the rear i/o .. so my question is can i refit the existing usb 2.0 on the case, to be usb 3.0. I am guessing there should be parts available for this purpose.
  4. makes reference to an aftermarket usb 3.0 kit, but I can only find drivebay versions, not one to fit where your 2.0's are at the minute, I'm also sure that will be a one-piece circuitboard so replacing that with a (possibly modded) drivebay version will lose you your headphone/ mic plugs
    Google usb 3.0 drivebay if you want to check some of the options out, but at least you have the mobo or backplate option :)
  5. I saw this review as well which made me wonder where he got that from I have not seen anything like it. I will keep looking, will post back if i find anything...
  6. OK Found the answer on the of all places the silverstone website. Apparently on the ft02 page under q&a the question of refitting to usb 3.0 is asked and answered with full diagram and install info.. part number G11303260 go figure...

    Thanks for the help though
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    Awesome, pics when you do it?
    that way others can follow your lead
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