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I'm building my own computer for the first time and I'm not sure about the compatibility between the case I would like to get, and the motherboard I've been looking at. The case is a Raidmax blackstorm (, and this is the motherboard

I'd like to know about this specific combo, but if someone could explain what I should be looking for when trying to figure out if a motherboard is compatible with a case it'd be greatly appreciated. I feel stupid asking, but I've tried figuring it out on my own, but I haven't had much luck
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  1. go the case on newegg. click the details tab, scroll down to motherboard compatability and you'll see the Blackstorm is compatible with Micro ATX and ATX motherboards. In fact ALL cases that fit an ATX board will fit a micro ATX also. The problem is usually only around will they also fit an ITX or someother sized board.
  2. so basically the only thing I need to worry about is if it's compatible with a ATX/micro ATX board, and that the motherboard is an ATX/micro ATX board?
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    As mentioned what you need to know for mobo compatibility is the motherboards form factor which is nearly always either ATX or Micro ATX for general PC's, the motherboard will say somewhere what form factor it is and then you compare that the case is able to handle that.

    In this case your motherboard is an ATX board and that case supports ATX boards so it will work fine.
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