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Hi guys, never posted here before but from exploring around reading various posts i got the impression thats the best place to ask.
i decided to build a system around the i7-3930k cpu which is compatible with the x79 chipset, this pc is gonna be an essential part in my home sound studio, at first i debated wether to go for mac considering its reputation but skipped on it as an option since i prefer on being able to work with all the familiar windows compatible software, afterall if im gonna invest on a system then id rather being able to run recent games on it, thats also a consideration taken into which parts i use.
so now done with the prelude, if i seek a machine for studio works / gaming whcih x79 should i go for ? i debate between the p9x79 deluxe and the rampage iv extreme by asus basically because the p9x79 is supports 3way sli and the rampage does the 4way sli and i have no idea which technology is considered better for gaming, regarding the memory iv been recommended a set of gskill but couldnt find a review comparing between all the 32/64gb models compatible with the x79, would very much appreciate some assistance
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  1. Hi,

    as for 3way SLI or 4way SLI depends on what you plan to do. It means you can put 3 nvidia cards together or 4 cards.. are you even thinking of putting two together? In that case I would just get the p9x79 deluxe (even just the Pro).

    For memory, G.Skill is indeed one of the best brands together with Corsair. If you plan to put 32 gb I would suggest to get 2 similar kits of 4x4 gb. Actually, the ideal would be to get a single kit of 8x4 but I can't seem to find one for G.Skill on newegg, maybe other brands have that. The bad thing about the two 4x4 kits is that if you want to upgrade to 64gb then they won't be of any use. But I doubt that you will want to update to 64 gb in the next few years, really 32 is incredibly more than enough (even 16).
  2. i have also noticed that the intel 3930k only supports up to 1600mhz memory speed, does it mean that if i would like to maintain a healthy steady long-term system i have to stick to that guideline and limit myself to the elementary out of the entire variety spectrum from gskill product line ?
  3. The Intel CPU is limited to 1600MHz INTERNALLY. You can use ram as fast as your motherboard supports.
  4. For triple and quad channel motherboards, it is highly advised against using multiple memory kits in a single system. Even if you use the same exact memory, you risk possible issues such as incompatibility or inability to operate at the rated specifications. So to avoid anything like that, just get a complete kit of the amount of memory you need.

    Here are some 32GB kits:

    Here are 64GB kits:

    The RipJaws Z series is designed and fully tested with those two motherboards, so get any model even of the extreme frequency and they will be compatible. Some of the top kits, only those two motherboards can use, most other motherboards can not, just yet.

    Thank you
  5. I use GSKILL Sniper Series and It's AWESOME.
  6. I guess I messed up looking on newegg, there you have the 32gb kits :)
    Definitely get one of those if you are getting 32 gb.
  7. i coudlnt imagine you ever utilizing anything more than 32gb... i personally believe the ripjaws x 2133 is the truth.. read the specs on your mother board... your mobo may support faster speeds than you mentioned....c heck to see if the speeds have (oc) after them ex .. 1600(oc)... that simply means you can overclock to reach higher rated speeds
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