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Need help finding suitable replacement for a MB.

I have a Intel D865PERL ATX MB (running fine) that I need to replace with a MB that will support a dual or better processor required for some additional software (Spashtop). The PC runs home automation software from several vendors that I do not want to mess with so I want to stick with the existing PCI cards (sound, serial), (2) hardrives in RAID configuration, and Win XP-Pro SP2. I am hoping that I can just install the 2 harddrives and run everything asis without reinstalling the OS etal.

So the new MB must have:
3 or more PCI (not express) slots.
Support for two ver1 SATA drives in RAID configuration.
Internal USB (for USBIRT)
Fit existing ATX horizontal/rack mount case.

The current video card is AGP 3.0 so the MB needs either onboard video (VGA or DVI) or an AGP 3.0 slot.
I plan to buy new RAM, so flexible there (accomodate inexpensive RAM... not for gaming!).
This PC is always on, so energy efficiency (like the Intel i3 or i5) support is desirable.
Onboard ethernet (gigabit preferred)
At least 4 rear panel USB ports.

Current config
Intel D865PERL ATX
Pentium 4 2.4GHz
(2) 256K RAM modules
(2) Segate 400GB SATA drives (original SATA)
Radeon 9800 Pro GPU (AGP 3.0)
PCI slot 1 - M-Audio Delta Audiophile sound card (4 independent audio streams)
PCI slot 3 - 2 Port Serial card
PCI slot 4 - 2 Port Serial card
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  1. If you change the motherboard you will not be able to just put the drives with XP in it with any real confidence. This will be especially true if your new board does not support the same RAID controller you are currently using. A new RAID controller of a different type will require a new RAID array and that means start from scratch.
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