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Hey everybody, got a couple of questions regarding my EVGA GTX570.

With the fan speed running at 40%(default), and while playing the Crysis demo at max settings, the GPU temps go all the way to about 85C. A little too high for my liking so when I game, with Precision, I usually change the fan speed to about 67%(any thing above 70% is too loud). So my question is if I'm constantly changing the fan speed manually, will that have any negative effect on my GPU/system. What is a suitable temperature for when the GPU is under load?

I've read that you can set profiles in Precision to increase the fan speed to a specific amount once a certain temperature is reached. How do I do this? I've tried right-clicking the profile number, but nothing happens.

I'd appreciated any help.
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  1. First of all 85c while gaming is perfectly normal. I also bet your fan speed doesn't get above 67% under those conditions. So in Auto mode, everything is running as designed. In addition, with an EVGA card, you have the reference cooler which vents all exhaust heat outside the case, so no problems there either with a normal 85c operating temp.

    Now, if you still want to focus on lower temperatures at the expense of a louder fan profile, then I recommend that you use Afterburner instead of Precision. Afterburner has an intuitive graph system for setting a new fan profile. You can adjust it to kick in a higher fan speed at lower temperatures to delay and avert the GPU hitting an undesirable temp.

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    You're well within spec on the 570 with temps at 85C under load. The max temp listed for that card is 97C. If you start heading to 97C and above and staying there for any duration, that would be cause for alarm. But at load, you're still 12C under the max with your default fan setting. That's not bad at all. Manually turning the fan up will only draw a little more power. It won't negatively affect the card or system. The heat spec is listed on the following page for 570s:

    I know what you mean though. It took me a while to get used to my 580s running as hot as they do (high 80Cs in SLI), but that's just how they operate.

    Is yours the factory 797MHz core clock or the reference 732MHz core clock?
  3. Thanks guys, I guess I got worried for no reason. I'll give Afterburner a try.

    And ubercake, I have the reference core clock 570. Didn't want to spend the extra $30 when I can OC it myself.
  4. Gotcha.
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