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Hi all.

This is an issue i have been trying to resolve for a few days now.

Basically in my house myself and my brother are using the same internet connection via the same router. This has not been an issue until recently.

He plays Company Of Heroes and i just purchased Borderlands. Both games have 4 player modes but neither game uses dedicated servers meaning that a player has to host the game.

Both games are trying to use port UDP 7777 and my router will only forward this port to one of us, if i have it forwarded to me and then i forward it to my bro my forward automatically disables.

This means that while i am playing borderlands my bro cannot play CoH (he cannot even join someone else s game) and vice versa.

I know about port conflicts but i was wondering, is there something i can buy which will allow me to open up the same port for more than one IP, or anyway we can solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The options in the games almost always allow you to change the port they use.
  2. Hi, first of all thanks for the reply.

    I don't want to sound ungrateful but well, i own over 150 games on Steam and over 40 on DVD and i have never seen an option to change the ports used by the game.

    Surely this would cause issue with the clients trying to connect to the game.

    Anyway, just to be safe i checked both CoH & Borderlands, neither have an option to change ports.
  3. I had this issue with Asheron's Call when wife and I were playing it, and it has an option to use several ports. Also Lord Of the Rings RTS has configurable port settings.

    Check the program .ini or some other config file, you may be able to change it just not in an obvious way from within the program.

    You can always contact the maker of the programs too, they will probably have a quicker and better answer.
  4. I've not seen too many games where you can't change the port it uses. I recall you can change the port of use on games as far back as Warcraft II.

    Dig a little deeper into the game settings. A lot of games will use the same port so they generally will allow you to change it. When you host a game and are setting it up, you can normally change the port right there.

    The other option would be to put one computer into the DMZ. You would lose the 'firewall' of the NAT router but otherwise would be good the game.
  5. Here is just about everything you would want to know about Borderlands multiplayer setups:

    It looks like you are locked into port 7777 in Borderlands.

    Not sure about CoH. It be worth poking around CoH to see if the port can be changed there. If not you may be out of luck when playing at the same time.
  6. Can you configure Port Fowarding by application? I can do that with my Linksys ES1000. That'll solve the issue.
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