Athlon II x3 vs old dual core?

Hey guys, I asked a question a couple of weeks ago regarding putting a quad into my old motherboard.

I have this board

Haven't jumped yet, looking at budgets, etc. I found I can pick up an Athlon II x3 for about 50 bucks.

Right now I'm running....

The above board
Athlon x2 5400+
4gb ddr2
Ultra LSP 650 watt PSU with 38 amps on the 12v+ rail
GTS 450 1gb
1tb Seagate Hard drive
DVD burner

I guess what I'm asking, to go from this chip to an Athlon II x3, would it be worthwhile? Pretty much if I grab an x3 or x4 this board is going to be maxed out as I save for another build later. For gaming, etc, would an Athlon II x4 really be that much faster or should I just grab the x3 and call this system good?
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  1. Depends on what the speeds are of the X3/X4's that your referring to. If the X3 is slower clocked than the 5400+ you have now, then no, it won't be much different.

    A higher clocked X3 would be better than a slower X4 in nearly any game. 3 cores is enough for all but a few games out there.

    What models are you referring too and are you sure your motherboard supports them?
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    Read this,2951-5.html as it looks on that chart it would be a worthwhile upgrade.
  3. I would get a Phenom II x4 955 BE

    Unless u can find a Athlon x4 for under 80;
  4. Therein is the trouble. The board will not take more than a 95 watt chip.

    Maybe looking at this...

    Though at that, maybe this one....

    Only question becomes, I've still got the 5400+...will the stock heatsink on that cool one of these until I could get a better cooler?

    Thanks for the help, according to the chart, looks like it would be a significant upgrade. I know I looked over on on their benchmark section and with an x3 there was like a 10 frame difference in some games.'s the CPU support list.....
  5. The stock coolers that come with the Athlon II x3's are pretty small and simple. There just the classic AMD aluminum finned block with a fan on top so if you have a heatsink like that you should be fine.
  6. Yeah, I talked to my buddy who just got a Phenom II 840 and he said the stock cooler didn't look like much, thanks for the tips guys!
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