Catalyst Install Manager causes a blue screen of death - Win7 x64

I'm having a problem that never happened before. When I try to install (or uninstall) the catalyst suite I get a blue screen of death. I tried it in safe mode and it told me that it failed to load the detection driver. This only happens with my Win7 x64 because everything still works perfectly with XP Pro. I'll give my system information:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0GHz
Motherboard: MSI K9A2 Platinum (AMD 790FX Northbridge, ATi SB600 Southbridge)
Video Cards: 2 x XFX Radeon HD 4870 1GB
RAM: 8GB OCZ Reaper HPC PC6400 DDR2-800
PSU: OCZ Z-Series 1000W 80-Plus Gold Certified

I tried installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 and x64 but they had no effect. I did manage to manually install the video driver in safe mode but without the Catalyst suite I cannot enable CrossfireX which to me, defeats the purpose of having 2 cards. I tried downloading the drivers from the XFX website but the exact same thing happened. I'm currently at a total loss and I'm about ready to call ATi directly with the problem. Does anyone have any ideas before I have to resort to being on hold? Please note that I am trying to install the latest (11-2) drivers but this has been going on since January. It doesn't matter what version I try to install, they all behave EXACTLY the same way. For some reason they didn't do this before.

Again, I am trying to install the NEWEST driver and I have NO ISSUES at all with Windows XP so it's not a hardware problem.
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  1. Run Memtest to detect memory related failure. It could be memory settings if not hardware related.

    XP does not use memory beyond 4 GByte. That explains why you don't see the problem. W7 use the memory above 4 Gbyte. Video card segment on PC memory is move above 4 Gbyte when more memory is detected by 64 Bit OS. On 32 bit OS such as XP video card segment is just just below the 4 Gbyte space.
  2. I will do that. I just wonder why it worked perfectly before and then stopped working so suddenly. Thanks for the answer! :sol:
  3. Well, I've just run Memtest 3.5 beta and over 8,192MB of total RAM, I have zero errors and zero problems. In short, my RAM works flawlessly. Oh well, it didn't work but it was a thought and something I hadn't thought of myself. Thanks for the suggestion leon. :D

    Does anyone else have any ideas? The best that ATi could come up with was "re-install Windows". Gee, thanks a pantload ATi! :(
  4. Try to install W7 with 4 Gbyte. If all goes well install back other 4 gbyte

    How long did you run memtest?

    Also check your DRAM settings that it match with Manufacturer specs. You may even try to relax see if it helps.

    One of my 8 GByte setup would not run 8 Gbyte even all my Memories are confirmed to be good. I normally use DDR2 800 MHZ from Micron(44412 timing).

    Newegg offered a big discount on memory and i purchase PC2-8000... The PC just work.

    Same case memtest pass on my PC-800 and PC2-8000. But from time to time i get a blue screen. Now that setup has no blue screen.

    I have 3 setups of Q6600 all with 8 Gbyte. The 2 run with 8 Byte Crucial 44412. The third run with G Skill PC2-8000. My PCs run 24x7. It runs various application 24x7
  5. I ran memtest for over an hour. I always have all 8GB available. I don't think that this is a memory problem because if it was, other programs would be doing the same thing and they're not. I think that my W7 has been corrupted and I'm just going to have to re-install it. Ugh, I'm not looking forward to having to go through all the crap associated with re-activation.
  6. I'm having the same problem, I think is compatible issue between catalyst and Win7 x64. AMD just let me down on first AMD card :pfff:
  7. I have a Radeon 6670 and am running Win7 64bit and was trying to install Catalyst 12.10. I had all sorts of issues and am now bald because I pulled all my hair out (ok, I was already bald).

    Tried driver sweeper, OS re-install, manual driver install, uninstall Catalyst, etc. Every time I tried to install Catalyst I got a BSOD.

    Solution: run the Catalyst installer "As Administrator" - worked perfectly....not sure if I am just an idiot for not running as administrator in the first place, but one would think that the Catalyst application would stop you from running it (or indicate somehow) that you need to be admin level for it to work.

    Let me knw if that works for you seems there are alot of people with similar issues.
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