Phenom II x4 955 BE hot with mugen

I have bought the mugen 2 rev b a few weeks ago, replacing it with a Arctic cooling 7 rev b that didnt cool it enough. and I also bought a new case named CoolerMaster 690 II Plus.
My Core temperatures are even.
Max Load: 58
Now I wonder, if I bought a big and with vgood airflow case, and a big CPU cooler and installed it with MX4 correctly, how is that my cpu is quite hot... I mean I should be able to OC with this rig right?

I'm in this for a while and I've tried adding the paste this way, and that way, checked a lot of tutorials that didnt make a difference.

My Volts are stock: 1.34V
I also have a 460GTX which runs on the same temps:
While testing CPU:50+-
In my case if you saw it before, has 3 fans, one on the front, back and top.
I can say that the mugen is well airflowed since the top and the back are pulling out the air while the mugen's fan pulls in. its like adding 2 fans because they are really close to it.

I have cable managed the case pretty good so it isnt a airflow problem.
and my room temp can be 25'C or less.

And the most important question:
If I want to OC, lets say I get 3.8... will the temperatures raise like in 5 degrees? or as long as I dont touch the voltage it wont be much of a difference?

Its very important to me if you read it all so you know all the details.

Any suggetions are very welcomed and I will apreciate any help you guys can give.

Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. I would expect your CPU to be running a few degrees cooler if you have proper airflow thru the case and the room ambient temp is reasonable at 25C. Have you checked the fan speeds to be sure they are running at full speed under load?

    If you increase the CPU frequency without changing voltage the heat generated will increase and the CPU temp will increase some. With a voltage and frequency increase expect the CPU temp to increase significantly under full load as the HSF doesn't seem to be doing a great job if your temps are correct. Are you using Core Temp ?

    As far as TIM is concerned, you want the absolute thinnest possible layer as TIM is actually a thermal insulator compared to metal-to-metal contact. Most people use WAY too much TIM. It should be almost translucent as it's only intended to fill the minute imperfections in the HSF base and CPU heat spreader.
  2. about the fan, yes its running full speed about 1400RPM...

    about OC, I shouldnt OC with this temp?

    I actually used a little of TIM so I dont think that could be the problem...

    and by a bit of TIM, how much do u mean?
  3. Isn't the fan on your heatsink suppose to run at a higher max speed than 1400 RPM?

    By a little TIM, I mean if you spread a rice size or smaller amount on the heatsink it should be almost translucent.

    I would not OC with your temps as the CPU typically starts to malfunction above 60C.
  4. beenthere, are you absolutely sure that a Phenom II x4 955 BE doesn't work properly above 60°C? What happens when that temperature is exceeded?
  5. actually nothing happened, I had the stock cooler before (very noisy btw) and I played for a few hours without problems and the CPU got to 70'C usually... but in the AMD site it says max safe 62 so I didnt want to get there...
  6. There is something wrong somewhere as your temps should be alot lower with that cooler. I suggest try reinstalling the cooler as you most likely have to much or to little thermal paste or just bad installation.
  7. Ok I will try that soon.

    and another thing, talking about temperature, if the 945 and the 955 BE are in the same situtation... I mean same amount of TIM, same cooler, same position, same conditions...

    Should be there a difference, lets say, like 10-20'C less then the 955 BE?
  8. The 945 comes in 95W & 125W TPD while the 955 is 125W. There would definately by some temperature difference but I don't think it would be more than 10C my best guess it would be 3-6C ish, but it would even vary slightly just comparing 2 955s.
  9. I ask because my brother has the 945 with AC FREEZER 7 and I got 955 with MUGEN 2, my CASE has more airflow and I got more fans in the case. and still my brother's CPU gets on max load to 47-50 not more while my gets around 57-60
  10. Ok, I figured out my Fan wasnt running full speed, it was running on 1200RPM, I maxed it to 1500 with Easytune6 and now the CPU is running 56'C max load.

    and two more thing...
    I tried Overclocking to 3.6GHZ with stock voltage (1.34)
    using this:

    and last thing, my cores's temp didnt change, after an hour of OCCT the CPU was running with the same temp, 56'C Max... is that good? or is it a problem?
  11. 56C full load is OK I wouldn't be happy any higher but many people will tell you under 60C is fine. Though that temp is OK its still alot higher than I would expect with that cooler.
  12. Well, with stock I had 70, with AC7 I had 67, and with this one I have 56.
    so I think its a pretty good upgrade.

    Though I think you are right, it should be even cooler... I dont know what it could be. maybe its a bit more then 25'C I just guessed from what I feel.
    sometimes it gets hotter but at night, or day its the same CPU temperature.
  13. I guess you must have a bad chip or a loose mounting or something. What thermal paste are you using?
  14. I am using MX4
  15. k this is what happened this few days.
    After I OC'ed to 3.6GHZ I tried to get to 3.8GHZ...
    I tried with stock voltage but it crashed my pc when I ran stress test...
    and so on until I got 1.45V, the problem is that when I Stress test the CPU gets to 65'C!
    So, I've cleaned the Thermal Paste (MX4) and put some new paste that I had left, temp difference is 1'C more or less difference for now.
    The method I used was to clean the cpu and cooler with alcohol until its clean, then I added on a few spots on the cpu a little paste and spreaded it with a credit card, I didnt used to much, just a thin coverage.

    What do you think? The Temperature will change after the paste cures or something? or this is the situation im stuck with?

    I also though about a few different posible reasons\fixes.
    1. Could it be the Mo'bo's sensor that aint showing the correct temperature?
    2. I am planning on adding a Scythe GT 3000RPM (dont mind the noise much) instead of the 1450RPM stock cooler...
    3. Could it be the cooler who is bad created from the factory?
    4. Is my mo'bo good enough to OC above 3.8GHZ? and can a better Mo'bo let me OC to 3.8 with stock voltage?

    and last question: What is CPU NB? and can I OC it too? and if so, how does that help me and my CPU?

    I hope you got patient for me, and dont mind my english I know I dont speak\spell very good but I do what I can XD

    Thank you very much for the help, hope I can get some answer from experienced people here XD

    Salute from Israel XD
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