Dedicated PhysX issue

1000w antec quattro
890XA-UD3 motherboard
Phenom II X4 955 3.2 ghz (native)
16gig RAM
Win7 Ultimate 64bit
2tb Hd

I have a evga gtx 560ti, works great. Plugged in my bfg 9800gtx+ for a dedicated phyx card (with main card in place), but windows disabled my 560ti saying there was a problem with it (it still recognized it was a 560ti etc), but the 9800gtx+ was just fine..

Unplugged the 9800, reinstalled drivers for 560ti, everything back to normal...

How can I get his to work? or is it not possible?
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  1. That is very strange, I didn't have that issue with my gtx 460 and 8800gt. Get the sli hack and install that then try your dedicated card again. That is the only really major difference between your rig and mine even though my hardware is older but still using an ati board. I believe that the nvidia drivers are the problem and that it may be detecting the board.
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