Intel xeon benchmarks vs AMD buldozer

i need to show this customer that my dream machine goes well over what power mac offers for the same money Sean is hard head over mac i will give you a link for the video that i med of my dream machine but i need to make reversion of some minor things
my 2 hd 6950 whit the BIOS flash will be 2 6970 which are the equivalent of a single 6990
and the case that you will see will chance to the Lian Li Armorsuit PC-P80R Spider Edition
do to the fact that the depth of the radiator is longer than the case x 200 please sent Intel xeon benchmarks vs AMD bulldozer my email is
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  1. Why would you need a Intel Xeon processor? Those are meant for workstation systems. And AMD Bulldozer isn't even launched yet but there are some benchmarks available which you can find from google
  2. anyone w/ Photoshop can show benchmarks...which is what makes them all worthless...
  3. well power mac 12 core as 2/ 6 core Intel xeon 2.45 Mhz on a server mobo whit Daughter card
    and the power mac fan's i thing have no idea the is no big deal a bout power mac for the money they spend on one of this you can build so much more please tall me if I'm wrong
  4. What is this hypothetical system to be used for?

  5. Its very important to get your terminology right, Power Macs no longer exist, they were made with Power PC CPUs, the last ones that were made was the Power Mac G5, the high end mac towers today are Mac Pros which have anywhere from a single quad core Nehalem based Xeon to two six core Nehalem based Xeons in them so its a pretty big range but at 5k you arent getting much in the way of full system potential since it only comes with a 5770.

    Unless you are doign something very specific that can use up all those threads you would be much better off with a 2600K based system with a good graphics card for about $1600 than $5k for the Mac Pro.

    As for bulldozer benchmarks, i can find you some if you want, but im going to need about 30 minutes to draw some up in paint because there are no real ones out there, nor will there be until much closer to the launch date.
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