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After reading through many of the threads that Jaquith has posted regarding this board I'm still having issues getting Win7 64bit installed. Trying to do it via bootable USB thumb drive. Intel Sata is set to RAID even though I'm installing to just a single SSD drive. I'm getting a Device Driver for CD/DVD ROM is missing right when setup starts. If I try to browse to install any drivers I can only see the Boot: X drive.
I've got it installed via DVD with Sata set to AHCI. But had odd issues with Windows. Odd lockups, display driver crashing, etc.

I want to do like Jaquith has listed with loading the RST F6 drivers and then later change to AHCI.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Here's the Guide just follow it and use the Intel RSTE drivers listed on ASUS's site; Guide -

    Intel RSTE (Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology enterprise Driver Software V3.0.0.2003)
  2. I read that one - was trying to do the install from USB drive, with only the boot ssd in the Sata3 1 port set to RAID. But as soon as I start the install and it should get the screen where you pick custom or i forget what the other choice is, it never gets there and I get a required cd/dvd driver is missing. So I cant load any RSTE drivers. I just plugged my dvd into Marvel port and loaded off the dvd and installed the raid drivers F6 and it installed. Am I correct that the big test is that I should be able to switch from RAID to AHCI in Bios without issue?
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    Hmm...IF you first made the Flash Drive 'bootable' then copied the Windows DVD content to the Flash Drive + the 'unzipped' Intel RSTE drivers to the Flash drive I've never seen that error. I do see that error installing Windows from a DVD, so my Guide 'kills two birds with one stone' in that respect.

    The problem often with a DVD + Flash Drive (Intel RSTE drivers) install it often creates a dependency to the Flash Drive remaining attached.

    The 'Test' is Intel SATA -> RAID then booting -- if you get a BSOD then the RSTE drivers failed to install, and the 'Test' for dependency is to unplug the Flash Drive.
  4. Not sure if it matters then in regards to the USB flash drive as it didn't seem to want to 'see' it for loading F6 drivers. I ended up burning to CD and popped the install DVD out and loaded F6 from CD, then put install DVD back in. I did have to uncheck the 'hide non-compatible drivers' box so it could see the second driver for the RSTe.
    Any special recommendations for remaining driver install order? So far after clean install I've only done the chipset. Got busy and had to shut it down. Will pick it back up tonight or Monday night and finish off all driver installs. I had a ton of family work stuff to do. Thanks again for your help. I'll post back again if I have any issues and feel I should start over.
    I can't help feel some frustration as I've done over 40+ builds in my life and don't recall this much headache with any of them. Course this is also my first water cooling build too. Which added to the planing and build time. But the loop is good and temps look great.
  5. Once the SATA (RSTE) is installed then install the Chipset once Windows has finished, after the Chipset order doesn't matter unlees you have some other 'device' attached that requires a special or updated driver(s) to work.

    Yep, the X79 is very finicky. Next if the RAM is 'default' (DDR3-1333) and not DDR3-1600 or faster then the CPU looses 200Mhz (turbo) so remember to set the RAM using AI Overclock Tuner -> XMP/Profile1.
  6. Jaquith - I think I've about got this thing running how I want it. I do have one device in Device Manager showing missing a driver. CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller. Searching doesn't lead me to anything I trust. How did this not get a driver as I went through them all. Any idea how to get this done correctly?
  7. I'll add a follow up incase anyone else comes across this thread. My install issues from USB was due to the fact that I was in trying to run the USB flash drive from one of the USB 3.0 ports. On my first install I had installed as AHCI and not loaded F6 drivers, and after I thought I had a good install I was having strange issues, but I had place my case in a spot where rear panel access was not that easy. I ended up putting my USB Boot flash drive in a 3.0 port and had issue on install. Once I moved it to a 2.0 it was good. Also I was a dummy and forgot that I had a USB connection to a AlphaCool Heatmaster II left plugged in when I installed again. That was causing the CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller driver issue. I was thinking this was something on the Asus board, but nope it was an add-in. Thanks again to Jaquith for your help. Yes the X79 is very finicky.
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  9. Make cerian that you have ALL of the drivers installed including both the Asmedia USB3.0 Controller Driver V1.14.3.0 &* Atheros Bluetooth Driver -

    Next go to Intel's site and run their utility to scan the system -
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