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I'm looking to buy a new laptop. I don't play video games, make or edit movies.
Mostly I do research and reading, and often have many browsers open simultaneously.
Sometimes I watch a video or a movie online, or a movie on DVD.
Below, is my short list. I'm leaning towards the one with the bigger screen and
bigger hard drive; other than that, I don't understand what difference the
other stuff would make for my purposes. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
Sony Vaio ES series: with Intel core i5-480M (2.66 / 2.93GHz), 4 GB RAM, 750 GB HD (5400 RPM), Blue Ray, 512MB VRAM, and 17.3" screen.

Sony Vaio F series: with: Intel core i7-740QM 1.73 / 2.93GHz), 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HD (7200 RPM), Blue Ray, 1GB VRAM, and 16.4" screen.
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  1. Out of the two listed I would say the ES would be the choice for you. As the 17" screen would allow you to almost have two windows open on the screen at the same time. Mind you that 17" laptops aren't all that practical for portability sometimes.
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