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Hi i just build a new system, and everything is working fine. My motherboard is a MSI Z77A-GD55, and i use their MSI Live update program to install the drivers. after installing all the drivers on the list, I try to to run ControlCenter and CLICKBIOSII, and they both give me the message of "Please install Intel ME8 Driver to enable CPU overclock!".(both program still runs) I was wondering where can i get this driver installed, i tried the searching for it, but cant find anything.
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  1. Just visit MSI site, choose your motherboard (mainboard) and click on download---->Bios. There You will find the latest Bios (You must update it to use ME8, maybe your Bios is already updated to that version, please check it) and below in this update in the site you will see two links for ME8 : Windows 7 and Windows XP.
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