Is my computer case enough?

I decided to randomly design a rig that would pretty much play anything on highest settings, and got my system pretty much worked out. It occured to me, however, that without actually building the system, i couldn't be sure that my case would fit my hardware. The case is a mid tower ATX and I don't know if I need a full tower ATX to fit all my components. Also, without overclocking, i wondered if my current chosen casing would provide enough cooling for my system. If I could do overclocking with my current level of cooling, that would be great, though I'm not really worried about my rig's performance. my current case is equiped with (and these slots are also filled, the 120 mm by my power supply's fan, the other by a LED 200 mm fan that comes with the case) 1 120 mm fan vent, and one 200 mm fan vent.
My parts are as follows: card supply drive (2x) card (2x) drive (all 4 sticks for 16GB total)
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  1. That sound card will kill your airflow, and not really give you much benefit for it.
    The HDD and PSU are OK, but not high end-I would reconsider them.
    You won't see much benefit from the 2600k over the 2500k, or from 16GB RAM over 8.
    Those 460's are getting a bit long in the tooth.
    Why no SSD?
    They should all fit in the case though.
  2. And why two optical drives?
  3. Fitting your video card should be your biggest concern. Everything else is all usually the same size and is made to fit together. Check around online for the dimensions of that card and you should be fine. But your case is meant for gaming so chances are they've given you as much space as you'll need.
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