M5a99x evo not booting passed windows logo

Hi I just purchased a M5A99X EVO mobo installed all the gear in the case and it won't boot passed the windows logo after the post screen
I've tried different memory settings and it is the same result.installed without a hitch
Also i have latest bios


amd 965 be
G skillz ddr3 Ares 1877mhz ram 2x 4g
gigabyte hd5970 gpu
1 x wd 1000gb hd
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  1. Do you see windows logo or here any post beep code?

    What do you actually see in display when you cant boot? Boot.ini missing/HDD not found?

    Reset bios setting to default.
  2. Was this hard drive working on a previous motherboard and now it crashes with a BSOD or restarts during the boot process over and over?

    If so, it is because you need to reinstall Windows.

    If you change your motherboard, generally it requires reinstalling Windows pretty much every time.
  3. Hi
    its was the same on both the preloaded bios and the updated bios so i figure it is not the bios.
    everything shows as per normal and diagnostics show everything is running sweet as they should .
    Also there is a single short beep as it loads the bios etc at start
    There is no bsod which i thought was weird btu hell i thought windows version i would have less probs then the last version must be dreaming .
    yes the hard drive worked flawless

    the error code is a corrupt acl driver in windows/system32/sluiexe .... or thing like that.
    But as you say I borrowing a formatted hard drive off a mate and reinstalling to seeing if I can update/replace/repair the driver it says is causing the issue
    Side note : the auto repair system it finds the fault and repairs the fault but then it keeps repeating the same crash (no warning ) then we are back to finds fault and repairs fault
    Thanks for your feed back Mubin and Raindinn hope this gives you an idea of the problem I am having
  4. If you can borrow a hard drive and get windows installed on it, let me know if it still crashes the same way.

    By the way, is your install of windows in the broken install activated and everything?
  5. Hi I have exactly the same problem as randomEnigma described in his first post: no matter what HDD i use (freshly formatted and installed with Windows XP), the pc crashes after a very short blue error screen.

    the manual recommends me to put windows xp HDDs into the 5th and 6th sata-socket and then configure them to IDE in BIOS, but that didnt work.

    strangely, i can access to the files on the HDD through Flash 2 blabla, a BIOS-integrated function to load bootup inis (or something).
    also, the OS has no problem starting when entering in safe-mode . . .

    i also tried setting the HDD as active and then formatting (read about that on the internet), but didnt succeed

    any advice would be much appreciated!
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