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AMD PhenomII X4 970 BE ,990FXA-UD5H

Hi, guys recently upgraded my system no upgrade but new By replacing My AMD Liano A8-3850 with AMDPhenomIIX4 970BE and MotherBoard From Gigabyte A75M-D3H With Gigabyte, i wana know is this good for 3d rendering since i noticed difference already by working in 3ds max.maya with A8-3850 and PhenomIIX4 970 BE But when i m running tht prime 95 im getting sm fatal error and its stopping no idea wats the errors for coz i didnt overcome and errors

My Rig
AMD PhenomII X4 970 BE 3.5GHZ
MotherBoard Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5H
Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHZ 16GB
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 + [HSF]
500GB Seagate HardDrive
Nvidia Geforce 9500GT 1GB
ANTEC 300 PC Case
450 Watts PSU
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  1. i did but then too it was like laggy when im working with more complex scen in max and maya
  2. so i better thought may be due to lack of clock speed may be tht wud be reason so i changed it to AMD PhenomIIX4 970 BE ALSO smone in my my last post OF amd liano A8-3850 said tht its weak then PhenomII X4.X6 APU For bascis computing not for tht high end 3d stuffs
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    Your current set-up is far better for power computing than the Llano A series APU, which is for a low cost entry level PC.

    You can get Prime 95 errors for many reasons. I'd make sure the RAM and Vid card are properly seated and run Memtest86+ from a floppy, CD or flash drive to be sure there aren't issues with the memory. Also make sure the RAM voltage and timings are correct as 16 GB. requires everything to be perfect to prevent errors.
  4. one more question when i was rendering in my old phenomII4 965 be while full cpu load my temps were 46-47 degrees in A8-3850 IT was max 41 degress but it seems higher in AMD phenomII X4 970 BE temp while rendering 52-53 idle 39-41 AL though IM uisng Coolermaster Hyper 212+
  5. Shud i get sm other HSF ?
  6. Your temps look okay -- GB boards will tend to over-volt on *Auto* settings so you may want to set your VCore manually if it becomes an issue for you.

    And if you are running the GA-990FXA-UD5, it doesn't look like XMS memory is on the QVL list for that motherboard. It looks as if the only Corsair qualified in 4GB sticks is the Vengeance CMZ_ _ _ variety.

    Doesn't mean it won't work - just might take more tweaking.
  7. one more thing was my decision good for buying a gigabyte 990fxa-ud5 instead asus crosshair formula 990fx which one is better amoungst the two a lot forum it say they equal in performance but sm slight advancment in crosshair formula then gigabyte which one is better
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