System Shutdown!

Hey guys! im new to toms ahrdware and hopefully you can answer my question.

i have recently just built a new system.:D however i kept the power supply,HDD and Graphics card (EVGA 280)

i can allmost max anything out however!, there is a couple games that will not start and causes my system to shut down in the blink of an eye and restart, there has been a high pitched whining comeing from my case and i am getting rather frustrated with it.

in my previouse build it did the exact same thing. this is making me wonder wich one of these part it could be.

My system as of now is 2600k,asus p8p67 Deluxe, 8gb Gskill1600 and the PSU is an Everest 1010W

Please some one HELP!

PS. Can max out BF:BCs, COD:BO, Witcher 2, games that are causing system restart are Crysis WarHEad, Stalker COP, and Duke NUkem Forever demo!!!!
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  1. i would probaly say it the 280 or the powersupply
  2. k im gonna try swapping the cars out tonight that way i atleast kno wether or not it is the card or the supply, if it still happens ill probs freak out:D
  3. Did you ever figure this out? My build is almost Identical and mine restarts with certain games and my recent frustration is stalker cop. soon as it hits main menu boom restart..
    My specs are Asus P8P67
    8GB G.Skill @2133MHz
    GTX 570 @900/1000/1800
    1000W Sparkle Power Magna 1000
    Win7 Ultimate 64Bit

    and it's odd.. I seem to get some weird sound come out of my case too as the game is loading the intro videos.. Ive searched the net and people are having similar problems but there is never any solution.

    Anyway, If you or anyone else knows whats up please let me know!



    Upon playing around I managed to get in the game but there is still problems. I did a little no intro mod which gets me right to the menu and if I hit enter a few times fast enough it puts me in the game. But if I leave it at the main menu.. I get that buzzing sound and my PC shuts down and restarts... Its as if something is about to fry and the mobo or something is protecting the PC by shutting down.. The weird thing is, this only happens at the main menu..once I'm in the game the buzzing is gone and everything seems to run ok. However if I hit esc to to return to the main menu to change settings I dont have much time before it shuts down.. why only the main menu? I DON'T GET IT GRRRR lol... and what hardware is it attacking in my rig.. any help appreciated! thanks.
  4. I finally figured this out after searching the net LONG TIME! Just have to force vsync on before entering the game. Buzzing sound stopped and brought me to the menu with no problems. I think the problem was the high FPS that the main menu allows. The FPS during Intro vids on COP was 4000 - over 5000 FPS and when it hits main menu it goes beyond that. Ive had problems with counter strike shutting down my pc without vsync on getting over 500 FPS in game. Im not sure if its the power draw or what, im no expert. Anyway do not create a game profile and turn vsync on that way, that did not work.. force full time system vsync on before you enter the game. You can simply disable vsync after you are done playing if you wish.
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