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I'm on a fairly tight budget and I'm wonder when is it the best time to buy from Cyberpower.
I.e: Right now there is a 5% off discount on everything and $70 in MIRs.
I.e: Right Now 1600 MHz ram is the same price as 1333 MHz

Would you say now is a good time for me to buy my rig or should I wait for something else? ALP HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED :D
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  1. Boutique sellers like cyberpower will always hold some sort of special savings promotion.

    I just went to their site and clicked on the graduation promotion and saw

    CM HAF-X Full tower
    Asetek 510LC Liquid cooling system
    4GB 1600
    z68 mobo
    1TB sata III 7200RPM HDD
    1000W CM Silent Pro Gold 80 Plus
    Asus 24inch 1080p monitor with built-in speakers
    Free CM inferno gaming mouse
    Free shogun 2 limited edition

    For ~1280.00 after rebate.

    That is a really good deal.. I personally never bought from these sites so I don't know how good the quality of build is but even using newegg or tigerdirect, I won't be able to get a price like that. The only down-side is, would I choose those parts for a build? Probably not. I chose those parts because they were having special savings on those certain hardware combos.

    The savings seem big because of the freebies you get like the CM Inferno and Free shogun 2 limited edition. And a 60dollar rebate for HAF-X + CM PSU. Not saying those freebies are bad at all. I'm currently playing shogun 2 and I wouldn't mind getting a free gaming mouse to give to a buddy.

    Good deal IMO as long as the site has a good reputation.
  2. Alright thanks for the info. The only thing is I already built a custom one from their site so I want to see if I'm getting a good deal now xD
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