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Hey mega brains of toms hardware, I have a question. I am making the dive into the water cooling world because I won't be upgrading this year so I want to trick out the i7-930 that I have. I want to do my CPU, and two 5870s. The CPU is easy I have no dramas with that but it's the GPU's that I need 100% clarification on. I have one Asus EAH5870 I got on launch, it looks like this;

The other week I bought a second but it is a Gigabyte that looks like this;

Basically I'm not at all sure which water block I need for each. EK have a regular one and a special one for the Asus 5870, here are the options;



Now it may seem cut and dry but there was a V2 of the Asus card that used a non reference design. I don't want to pull the trigger until I am 100% sure.

All help is appreciated.
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  1. non reference design might just refer to the cooler but if its also the PCB and placement of GPU, memory chips then it won't work. My guess is Asus PCB is standard and just the cooler is non reference, just a guess.
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