Pc gives a long beep before booting after that no display on screen

hie my pc gives out an Long constant beep after switching it on and before this it was working properly so had been upgrading it with a new hdd a new ram and a cd rom tried cleaning up the procesor and ram slots but still nothing please help me?????
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  1. Did you add RAM to existing RAM? or did you replace all of it with new sticks.

    A lot of times (even if you have the same model number) RAM will not work with existing RAM.
  2. A boot screen should tell you who makes the BIOS. Google them and find out what the beep code means.
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    Remove your ram, clean ram and slot, put it again sure secure properly in slot.
  4. best thing to do, do what heny sugested

    if that dosnt work, take out the new ram,

    put old back in where it ussed to be and see if it boots up

    (if it dosnt detect hdd's it wont crash it will say something like no bootable media or something)

    if it does then turn off,take out old ram and put in one stick at a time of new ram till you find faulty stick if thats the problem

    if you are using deiffernet makes of ram they can complain and cause this kind of problem
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