Where do I find HP a1230n chipset drivers?

I have visited HP's website and located the a1230n drivers page but no matter which operating system I selected, it did not specifically offer the actual chipset drivers for this board. Following are the exact product specifications:

Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2 GHz
2000 MT/s (Mega Transfers/second)
Socket 939

ATI Radeon XPress 200

Manufacturer: ASUS
Motherboard Name: A8AE-LE
HP/Compaq motherboard name: AmberineM-GL6E

I went to ASUS's website and they don't actually feature the A8AE-LE motherboard. Apparently this is a proprietary HP-ASUS motherboard. I am doing this for a friends pre-build HP a1230n. Having build at least 30 of my own systems over the last 15 years, I have always just gone to the motherboard's website to find the latest chipset drivers. But like I said ASUS doesn't feature the aforementioned board. And on HP's website I couldn't actually find the chipset drivers for the A8AE-LE.

I also have another question that I will ask in another thread as well. Are there actually any HP a1230n chipset drivers that will work on Vista Business 32-bit?
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  1. Might work in Vista in windows xp compatibility mode.No official vista drivers were released.
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