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i just booted my computer for the first time and i got 1 long beep and 2 short ones. i googled this and theres different solution for each BIOS. how do i know which mine is? im new to this
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  1. Quick research on google turned this up.

    Do this, reseat ram first. Restart, if no go, reseat video card. If no go, try one stick of ram at a time. Also, if you have integrated video on the board, pull out the discrete card I'm assuming you've got, see if it will boot to the integrated video. It could be that the onboard video needs to be disabled in the bios. Let us know!
  2. ok i have tried all the ways i could for the ram i tried both in different dual channels and also separately. Tomorrow i will try the video card since thats the last option. btw my mobo has no onboard video heres the mobo
  3. Have you tried only a single stick? Also, have you reset the cmos? If not, pull the cmos battery for about 5 minutes, replace, and try again. Usually beeping like that is good, I find the two things are usually ram or video card.
  4. whats a cmos battery?
  5. Small silver battery on your mainboard, it's about the size of a nickel. If there's not one of those on there, there should be a reset button or something to that effect on the board. Also, stupid question, but you did install the brass standoffs right?
  6. yes i did i carefully installed every part since it was my first build it took me two days :)
    my mobo manual says to short 2-3 pins not taking out a battery should i do that?
    could it be my ram's defective?
  7. Possibly. On shorting the pins, either way will work. Something else to check. Look in the motherboard manual, make sure that the jumper you are supposed to use was not set to clear. Sometimes I've seen boards come with the pin on the clear jumpers at first and it had to be changed before the build would run. Also, check the sticky's at the top of this section, they may be able to give you some tips I might be missing.
  8. it was set to keep
    ok i did all the ram stuff again, reseated video card and did the jumper thing, no dice.... so all i can think is the ram is is broke because the video card is working
  9. How do you know the video card works? Have you tried it in another system? You need to check out what kind of bios is installed for your board. But here is a link if you have an AMI bios.

    If that is the bios you've got, they say that is caused by the video. Only way to confirm is to test your card in a known working system. Also, another way to know might be to leave the ram in, and pull the video completely, then try to restart the computer, and see if the beep codes change.

    If not, and the card works in another system, then you could have a bad pci express slot.

    Also, you could try pulling ram as well to see again if beep codes change for a little fun. But at this point, it sounds like your problem is between either being a ram issue or video issue. The way to accurately test is going to be to have a known good system to test the video in, or try another card in the same board.

    Stupid question. Noticing this is a crossfire capable board. You aren't trying to use the lower pci express slot on the board are you? If so, move the card up to the primary slot. Those MSI boards should be decent, I've built with a couple of similar boards and they've been solid for me thus far.
  10. my video card is in the top pci slot
    ok ill try the things u said
  11. with ram out of the computer i got 3 long beeps
    when i took the video card out it gave 1 long 2 short
    reseated video card again same beeps im going to try the other pci slot
    it wont fit in the slot because of connecters blocking it
  12. Ok, so sounds like the board is ok as it is giving you beep codes, that's good. Did you remember to plug in the power connector for your card? Also, have you tried to borrow a working card from someone to test and see if it works with that?

    If worse comes to worse and nobody you know has a card for you to try, this is cheap enough to test with, and you could always resell it.

    What video card are you trying to use by the way? Also, what power supply? It's possible you got a bad video card, or perhaps the power supply you are using is too weak to push the power the card needs. Try reseating the card a final time, double check all your power connections, make sure you power connections are properly plugged into your video card if it requires them, and also that you have a good quality power supply that you are using.

    If still no go, the thing to do is either borrow a working card, exchange yours, or buy a cheapie for testing. May want to make sure the power supply is good while you are at it. If you can't borrow or exchange, a local pc shop may have an old pci express card sitting around that they'd part with for not much money. But we need to verify that the motherboard including your pci express slot is good and working. If we can establish that and the computer boots, then you've either got a power issue or you got a bad video card. That's where I'd go next.
  13. my video card is a nvidia gtx 570 and my psu is corsair cx600
  14. Could be you are too close to the requirements. According to this link, 38 amps is what you need on the 12v+ rail for a gtx 570.

    Your power supply is 40 amps, but by the time you add in the extras like hard drives, etc, you might be asking too much of that power supply,
  15. but at least the computer should start up i would understand if the computer crashed during a game so ill try the tips you've given me
  16. No problem. Corsair is normally a decent supply. As I said, the things to do now would be to test another card in your system to see if it boots up then or not. Also, maybe trying your card in another system. If another card starts up in your system, you may have a bad card.
  17. ok i bought a geforce gts 450 and now i get a delayed 1 short beep but still nothing on the screen.
  18. Try booting with just PSU/HSF, CPU, 1 RAM chip, gts 450, and power switch. Do you get any display?
  19. so you are saying no hard drive and cd drive?
  20. Yes, you don't need those to boot your computer.
  21. Unlikely for two graphics cards to be bad. If you've not already, try booting with only 1 stick of ram.

    All I have to say is Wow. Been a while since I have seen one that finicky. I would say at this point. One thing I did read was that a delayed beep like that can mean delayed seek.

    Here's the next things to try. Pull connections from the optical drive, hard drive, and any other components you've got plugged in. See if it boots. If so, add components 1 at a time until it will not boot again, then you know what to look at. If this does not work, make sure all components are unplugged, then try booting with only one ram stick in.

    If no boot, then I would see if you can borrow another set of ram from someone to try. Perhaps the ram could be incompatible with the board or a bad set.

    If still no luck, then at this point, you may want to consider the possibility that the motherboard or cpu could be suspect.
  22. Caught me as I was typing, to the op, sorry to hear all the trouble you've had, especially when I know what you want to do is fire that puppy up to see what it will do.
  23. are you serious?! argh i didnt know making a computer would be this hard....
    btw aford i like your quote from office space
  24. Ya, get on those TPS reports. :lol:

    It's not hard to build a computer, but it can be challenging if something doesn't work right. Now it's just a matter of finding the cause.
  25. ok i really think its the ram but the thing i dont get is why did the beep change with this new video card even though the other one worked? btw the ram is not compatible with my board but someone told me all ddr3 works with all drr3 slots.....
    also my cpu lights has 4 out of 8 the mobo manual says its the cpu power. Should the lights be at 8?
  26. Sounds like you had two problems. First sounds like you might have had a video card/power issue first, as the 570 will be a lot more power hungry than the 450, then putting in the 450 solved that, but that you still had the other issue.

    In a perfect world, all ram would work with all boards. Seems very rare that ram is not compatible with a given board, but does happen, could have something to do with the voltage the ram requires, or the timings.

    As for the cpu lights, would want to see the manual on that.
  27. my sooo confused?!!! what do i do next! i took the hard drive and cd drive and still get the delayed beep. and i switched the ram multiple times... im seriously considering buying a computer
  28. What are you complete hardware specs?
  29. msi 890FXA-GD65
    AMD X6 1055T
    G skill sniper
    geforce gts 450
    corsair CX600
    asus cd drive
    seagate 1 tb 7400 rpm
  30. Your RAM may downclock itself, but it is compatible with your motherboard. To get to the default timings, you may have to manually set them.
  31. Edit *scratch this post*
  32. ok how do i manually do that please remember im not amazing with computers
  33. If you can get it to boot to the bios, the manual should show options for changing the ram settings. What you would need to do is to boot into the bios, and manually edit the timings and other settings there. Look at the package, or at the specs from the manufacturer to see what those settings should be.
  34. Did I read correctly that you've already tried a different set of ram? If not and you are not great with computers, I think I'd buy a set of ram locally to try, if it works, then I'd try for a refund on the other you have.
  35. let me get this straight
    1) change ram settings, but i cant get to bios so...
    2) buy ram and try it if that doesnt work then...
    3)? im screwed and tired of trying but what can i do....
  36. Ok, so you are still not getting to boot at all. I would recheck all power connections. I do remember you saying your manual said there were 8 lights on your board for cpu power. At one time, you used to only have to plug a 4 pin connection in, seems like now there are 2 4 pin connections for a total of 8 pins. So now the 8 lights on your board make sense.....Recheck all power connections and that you have all cpu power connections plugged in.
  37. You should still be able to boot up with that RAM. My point was merely that you may need to manually set the RAM timings once you can start up.

    What were the results when you started with the minimum components that I listed above?
  38. Aford, I think he is still getting the delayed beep. If that's the case, and he's getting that beep which sounds like a seek failure, with the fact the motherboard is beeping(which to me says it's good), could that mean possible bad cpu? Seems unlikely to me, but not impossible.
  39. I'm curious to know how it booted with the minimum hardware that I mentioned, because, that may rule out those components as an issue.

    If you get a normal beep code with that minimal hardware, then we can start adding other hardware and localize the issue.

    Since the beep code changed when you removed the RAM, it's likely that your RAM, motherboard, and CPU are OK.
  40. febreeze said:
    my sooo confused?!!! what do i do next! i took the hard drive and cd drive and still get the delayed beep. and i switched the ram multiple times... im seriously considering buying a computer

    To aford, gotcha. I saw this post above and assumed he'd tried it already and got the above result.
  41. so should i buy ram still or no because i want to fix this problem asap got exams coming up on tuesday to friday :(
  42. Wait and see what aford says, he may have more experience than I do and I'm curious to see his opinion.

    Febreeze, you did try to boot with no hard drive, usb, or optical drives plugged in correct?

    If so, did it still give you the delayed beep? Also did you double check to verify that all power connections are made and seated properly?

    Btw febreeze, don't give up on computer building. I will say I've done a few builds myself and I haven't seen one act the way yours is. So I'd say yours is a relatively rare case.
  43. thx for the motivation i needed that :)
  44. Ohiou_grad_06 is correct. Building a computer yourself is normally an easy task, and can save you a bit of money.

    How did it come out when you booted with minimal hardware??
  45. deayed beep but ill try again now
  46. Febreeze, as I said, check all power connections. I think what you should particularly be interested in is the cpu power connections. From what you said about the lights on the motherboard in your manual, your cpu power connections may not be properly seated. So pull those, reseat them, be sure they click in. If the delayed beep is a seek error, and you get that with all periphals disconnected, then it sounds like the board may be looking for your processor.
  47. all the power connectors are properly installed and i still get the delayed beep but i think i found a solution... when i was installing the cpu with stock fan, the stock fan wouldn't stay on. Finally i got the brackets in place and then the locking mechanism wouldn't lock because when tried to lock it the mobo was bending very unusually so i stopped. plus when i move my case around the stock fan doesn't move and its acting like it's locked when its not. Can you guys find me a guide install the stock fan properly so i can do it and i think i need to buy thermal paste after i remove it right?
  48. Be VERY careful when you pull up on it. Sometimes when you pull the heatsink up, the processor comes with it. So pull straight up, DO NOT pull sideways or you may bend pins on the processor and either brick it, or have a lot of fun straightening them.

    The stock fan should have 2 brackets. If you look on your board and on your heatsink, on the board mechanism, there will be two notches that stick out sideways. On your heatsink, there should be a lever that will go back and forth, one way is unlocked, the other is locked. Unlock it, there will be a hole on each side of the metal bracket on the heatsink.

    Clean all paste from the heatsink and processor, and get new paste, I recommend Artic Silver 5. Then make sure chip is in right, put the heatsink on, but when you do, the hole on the bracket for one side goes over the plastic bracket on the mount on the motherboard. Loop that over, and leaving the heatsink unlocked, you need to loop the other side of the bracket to the other plastic mount. At this point you are nearly done.

    After that, pull the lever down to lock it into place. It should require a little force, but don't crank on it too hard.

    These may help.
  49. but do u think thats the problem? because i dont want to cause more trouble for myself...
    i did exactly what that video did and the locking mech doesn't work since its already tight. so the locking mech just locks the heatsink in place or does it lower itself to the cpu because if it just has to lock i think i don't have to do anything.
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