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I am looking to build a new PC for the soul purpose of gaming, I intend to buy a single 6950, although if anyone has any better recommendations for a different GPU. I do intend to crossfire/SLI this computer in the future once this GPU can no longer handle Ultra settings, and hopefully the price of the card has come down. I found this super combo on NewEgg that included everything I wanted in my PC, 8gb RAm, 1tb Hdd, i5 2500k, not too excited about the case, but if its the one the combo includes im happy to use it, plus it mentions it comes with 4 fans, seems like a good deal. I plan on getting windows 7 ultimate through IU ware for $20, great Deal. This all totals $822( excluding OS), seems too good to be true.

Few questions:

1. is this everything necessary for the type of computer I desire

2. any reccomendations on a different GPU, 560 TI, 6870, 570 etc... as I intend to SLI/CFX any reason to choose one or the other

3. 95% sure this MOBO is (16x/8x), just want confirmation as it will be CFX eventually

4. pretty sure 630 watts is enough for now but will I need more with a second 6950
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  1. it seems like a good deal, but, as always, the rosewill PSU ruins it. when you account for the fact youd almost certainly want to buy a different one, its starts looking much more like a typical deal.
  2. That rosewill psu is decent but is not enough power to handle 2 gpus so you'll have to upgrade that later. The mobo can cf and you also want a heatsink.
  3. I suspect the PCI-e lanes are 8X/8X in Crossfire/SLI, but this has been at most a 1 frame/sec difference in most gaming benchmarks....

    The single 6950 is a very solid card for the price, IMO....
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