CPU and GPU tempertures.


I want to know whether following temperatures are normal or not?

My Gig.

1) AMD phenom x4 ii 945 3.0 GHz OC to 3.5 GHz # temperature between 55c-62c.
2) MSI Gtx 560 to HAWK not OC # temperature 60c-72c.

Without OC my processor temperature stays below 55c. And GPU temperature below 65c.

Plz tell should I stay with OC or not.? Bec I play games max 4-5hrs daily.

My cabinet and PSU.

Cooler Master ELITE 430 black edition with 2 fans. Front & Rear 120mm
Cooler Master GX 550 PSU.

Plz reply soon.

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  1. According to this page, the max temp on the 560 is 99c. You are well below that.

    And according to this page, the max temp on the 945 is 71C

    Assuming the model number on your CPU matches that model number, you should be OK, but you are not all that far from the limit.

    If the model number of the CPU does not match, try the other 945 model number pages here. As long as you do not exceed the max temp for your corresponding CPU model number, you should be good.
  2. I think temps of PCU looks fine, but gpu could be a little bit lower. After 3 min.. so i check some info about that gpu, 560Ti stock version had 29/75 C (idle/full load) but your card have much better cooler and in some test I found 560Ti TwinForze with result 26/61 C (idle/full load).
  3. CPU looks fine to me
    GPU also looks fine

    But it doesnt hurt to go lower. Your safe at those temperatures but any more higher than that can be dangerouse.

    You say its in your cabinate. Thats the worst place to put it, because it means its in a confined place. Best place to usually put it us on the floor where there is nothing around it, like in open space, make sure there is around 5 inches of space from each side AT LEAST, and i would say more than a foot of space front and back. Another good place to put it is on the top of a desk.

    Also is there no more space for another fan? If you have no side fan you can insert one to blow air into the cpu.

    Also another question, your build, does it bring air in from the front, and relesae air out from the back? It should be that way, unless your psu is located at the front then its ok. Basically the psu blows hot air out, and if the intake fan is at the back, your intaking hot air. So all your hot air should be on one side of the pc.

    btw im looking at your case right now

    and this picture here


    shows you can add many more fans. And the addition of more fans will really help.

    So you say you have one front and one rear fan yes?

    Then according to that picture, you can have 2 top fans. 1 side fan, and 1 bottom fan. I would really reccomend doing this.


    i have this fan, and if you have enough spare 4pin connectors on your psu, then really go for 2 - 4 of these fans. With 4 of these it should be very cool.


    you could go the other way and get an aftermarket cooler for your cpu and your gpu.

    As im not too well knowledged about after market coolers for the 560 i wont comment. I do know that for the phenom the hyper212 is a great cooler

    Also there is the arctic cooler range which is also very decent. Someone else more pro than me can comment on this.

    And hopefully someone more pro can check my reply for any mistakes :P

    But yeah i have 3 fans on my pc, and adding the 3rd fan which was a really old 3 pin (had to take out 2 pins, leave the white pin in, and put the black and red one in the 4pin molex to get a 7volt speed) really lowered my temperatures. Only reason though is because mine is in a confined space meaning that it finds it hard to get enough air, and theres no other place i can put it at the moment :(


    here is the hyper212 plus cooler. Dont knwo if the plus means if its a better model though. I too will be buying a after market cooler in the future.
  4. Hi,

    Thanks for ur promt responce. Need suggestion shall i go ahead with hyper212 + or just install 1 more
    fan either on side or top.. :??:

  5. It really depends because if you have the money i would go with both.

    But if you have a decent mount of money to spend go with buying aftermarket coolers for both

    If not much money but still want cooler pc, go with not 1 more fan, i would say a minimum of 2, it would be best to get 4 however, or do you not have enough 4pin connectors for more than 1 extra fan? damn... If not do you have any 3pin spare slots on your mobo? If you do use that.


    If your goinng to do alot of overclocking, like alot, then go with after market cooler. Thats far more important, if its just general cooling then fans.
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