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Hello folks!

I cant get a new pc right now, so I have to work with what I got.

I need to find out if there is a agp video card that will enable the aero features on win7 (grphics or gaming 3.0 and higher). Here is what I am working with:

OS Windows 7 Home Premium on a hp a320n
Processor AMD athlon xp2800+ wei score 3.4
Memory 1.00gb wei score 4.1
Graphics ati 8500 wei score 1.9
Gaming 128 mb wei score 1.0
Hard disk 149gb wei score 5.7

When I run the assessment, it doesnt detect the graphics memory etc. I tried all of the drivers. Unless there are some workarounds somewhere I need another card! No gaming really, just want to enable all of the aero features.

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  1. Hey Allen,

    Personally I would recommend the ATI 4650 for about $70 [...] 6814125281
    It's more powerful than you need-but might help your aging computer continue to be useful a little longer.

    If you wanted to spend a little less the ATI radeon 3650 or 3450 would be cheaper--and still give you enough of a performance boost for some moderate use.

    With regard to Windows scores I happen to know that a Nvidia 8400GS will score about 3.6 in Aero and 5.7 in gaming. This should give you some more perspective when looking at the graphics hierarchy chart:,2491-7.html
  2. one other thing - 1gb of RAM will totally cripple that pc for gaming purposes, i ran 2gb on a c2d e6600 for about a week before i gavein and got 4gb.
  3. It would appear the Deadlockedworld's NewEgg link doesn't work, but I found that card, here is a working link:

    other then the broken link I agree with deadlockedworld.
  4. Thanks for the link correction-- must not have copied right.

    I also agree that windows 7 would run better with a little more ram. XP only needed 1 gb--but vista and 7 will run much better with 2gb. I'm not certain it would be worth it to go past 2gb on the old system though.
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